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I finally purchased my Kury Akyn Voltage Meter for my bike.  As is the dilemma with most accessories that one wants to attach to a Vulcan 750, there was nowhere I could attach it and make it look "right".  I wanted to mount the meter between the speedometer and the tachometer.  I took a piece of 1-5/8" aluminum bar stock I have and cut a 3-1/2"  piece.  I then notched out one side for access to the fastener on the back-plate of the gauge cluster.  I also drilled a hole for the voltmeter wire.   Overall, for the cost of the meter, the bracket stock and the tape I'm into it for about $38.00.  Not bad!!!

Picture of the finished product

It works...  Camera could not catch the led's

Picture of the bracket.  Notice the notch for taking off the back-plate of the gauge cluster.  The bracket is being held on by double-sided tape.

Different picture through the windshield.

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