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Modifications, improvements or just plain tinkering...  We all like to do them but sometimes changing something on the bike can seem a little scary.  Click on the buttons below for some of the modifications (or mutilations) I've done to my motorcycles.  Most of these mod's were performed on my 1990 VN750 but they can be applied to almost any bike.  The new ones are either ones I'm doing to my 2002 Vulcan Nomad or modifications done to friends bikes.  Enjoy...

Nomad Mod's LED Tail Lights VN750 Tank Bib V&H Dual Baggers VN750 Facelift Fork Seals RR Relo VN750 Air Horns DSHL Mod KA Volt Meter LED Brake Light Radiator Cover Luggage Rack VN750 Tunes


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