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During conversations on our Vulcan 750 YahooGroup, a fellow member named Lightnin mentioned that he purchased a chrome radiator cover from www.bikercom.com and was not satisfied with the looks of it.  He wanted the one piece cover with the slats and received a surround cover.  I have had a one piece for about 5 years now and was ready for a change.  I wanted to break up the solid wall of chrome on the front of the bike.  Lightnin and I exchanged emails and agreed to a trade.  Now, one would think that two people who don't even know each other would never think of sending expensive pieces of chrome to each other without payment, but the motorcycle community is like a big family and our little enclave of Vulcan 750 riders have formed some tight friendships over the past year that we have been in communication.  Lightnin sent out his grill to me on a Monday and I received it the next day.  To avoid having to tear down my bike twice, I waited to remove my grill until I had the replacement in hand.  Thanks to the speed of UPS, he should have his solid grill by the weekend.

I'm glad I like the looks, because it was a complete bitch to disassemble and reassemble. Looking back, I don't know how I managed to get the engine guard on in the first place.  I used my original black OEM cover to protect the grill. I drilled out and enlarged the three mounting holes so that the OEM cover would fit over the stand-off studs for the chrome cover.  This protects the radiator from road debris and gives it a more modern look.

The pictures below are the result.  I hope Lightnin is as satisfied with the solid grill as I am with the surround grill I received from him.

Here is a older picture of the solid Highway Hawk radiator cover.  It got to be more chrome then even I wanted up front.

Side by side.  The grill on the left is my new one and the one on the right is the one that I've sent to Lightnin.

I used my OEM black plastic radiator cover as a center piece protector for the radiator.  I had to ream out the mounting holes to accommodate the mounting studs.

This is not a very good picture, but it demonstrates the mounting stud flush with the surface of the OEM cover.

The chrome surround in place.  Getting ready to re-install the engine guard.  Not a fun task!!!

Everything back in place.

All done.  I like the look.  Thank you Lightnin.  Hope you enjoy your new cover as much as I will mine.
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