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Bulldog's RR Relo Bracket Kit

RR Relo Bracket production suspended for the winter.
We will resume production in April 2011.

4/9/13 - We quit producing the Bulldog's VN750 RR Relocation bracket kits in 2010 due to equipment issues with the powder-coat process.  My intention was to resume in April 2011 but due to the success of the Mac Tools franchise that I started, I just ran out of time and didn't get back into the shop to produce these kits.  But over the two past years I've received a large amount of requests from VN750 riders for this kit, so due to popular demand, I will begin selling them again.  I will need to evaluate the equipment, clean up the shop and get production going again.  I expect these to be available for shipping around April 22nd, 2013. 

I apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused by the downtime.

I'll post the pricing when I figure out what they cost to make and ship.

This is a voltage regulator/rectifier relocation bracket for the Kawasaki Vulcan VN700/VN750 motorcycle.  This kit works on all models, 1985 to 2006 (all models).

VN700/750 Vulcan's are known for having rectifier/regulator failures. Most of the time, the reason is overheating. The regulator module is a semiconductor device that gets hot. The hotter it gets, the shorter it's lifetime is. The VN700/750 have a particularly poor rectifier mounting location. The unit is trapped under the battery box and above the power chamber (Goat’s Belly). That location has no air flow to keep the unit cool. The result is that the regulators burn out easily—a new unit from Kawasaki is over $250, and a aftermarket one goes for around $140.  This kit was designed to solve that problem.

This kit relocates the rectifier to the left side of the motorcycle so that it is in the wind.  This is the exact place that Kawasaki put the rectifier on all the Vulcan 800’s and some of the Vulcan 1500’s.  That allows the cool ambient air that around the bike to flow right over the regulator's cooling fins.

This kit installs in about 30 minutes. There is NO CUTTING, NO DRILLING and  NO MODIFICATION of the harness required.

The RR bracket in satin black.

The RR Relo bracket fits behind the left passenger foot peg using the existing mounting bolt.

Once attached, the regulator is attached using the supplied fasteners and a dab of dielectric grease is applied to the plug (not the contacts) and everything is put together.

An Electrosport RR with the polished aluminum RR bracket.

An OEM Kawasaki RR with the satin black RR bracket.

The RR Relocation brackets come in powder coated satin black (currently, this is the only color available).
New stainless metric fasteners with locking nuts, an Allen key and instructions are included.


On 7/6/06, we relocated John Hayden's rectifier/regulator on his VN750.  What makes this noteworthy is that John is now sporting the first RR relo bracket that is powder coated.  I will be making more of these in almost any color available on request.

The rectifier has been relocated.  Note the RR bracket is dull black.  To hide the bracket and to prevent the aluminum from turning dull down the road, I powder coated it dull black.  With my new equipment, if I can get the powder I can coat it...

Some people mount the RR-relo bracket to the frame using a U-bolt.  I personally don't like the looks of this.  We used the existing bolt on the rear left foot-peg.  The harness for the RR plug is long enough to be placed at the bottom of the RR to avoid water pooling in the plug

My relocated RR on Black Betty.  My RR is an Electrix which is silver in color

John's 2002 VN750

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