Boscobel 3

Patch artwork by BlackChrome

Midwest Great River run
Boscobel III

What is the MGRR?

Well, in the words of Wrinkles, it is a beer-drinkin', brat-belchin', cheese-fartin', straightshot-shootin', seat-puckerin'/tide-ridin', dead-possum-kickin', kama-sutrin', Bull-rootin', bullshit-shootin', cattle-wavin', sheep-lovin', french-kissin', harp-lickin', bag-pipin', jap-crappin', vodka-guzzlin', barb-wirin', nekid NANMRA qualifying MUSTANG-SADDLE-TRASHIN' GOOD TIME! And in Wisconsin too

Boscobel-3 is history and has made history too.  A new record high attendance with old and new members making the trip.  Between the wonderful weather we had (excepting Monday) and the VROCers who attended, this was a great weekend that I my family and I really enjoyed.  If I would have had more time, I may have attempted a NANMRA ride myself, risking burnt flesh on the pipes and all.  The countryside was great and the reunion with old friends was wonderful.  Getting to meet the newer VROCers and welcome them to the Boscobel tradition is also part of the fun.  All great people, both old and new.  Witnessing the birth of a new VROC chapter and offering the organizers of River Cities VROC any assistance they might want is also part of the tradition that Boscobel has inspired.  VROC may have started on the internet with faceless Vulcan owners writing to each other, but meeting everybody face to face is the only way to go.  Riders of Boscobel-3: You Rule!!!
This page is dedicated to the riders of Boscobel and the people who helped make it a huge success.  I would like to thank Don Diehls and Julie for their hard work behind the scenes working with the city and for founding this event, BlackChrome for planning the event, fronting money for food and patches and putting together such great patches for the ride, Cap't Kirk for being our "Master-at-Arms" and keeping a tricky situation under control and to everyone else that helped make this the best Boscobel ever.  

Ride safe
Evan Breyn - The Bulldog
Life is too short to drink bad Beer!!!

Hope all returned safe......and had a kick ass time while in Boscobel. A big thanks to all who rode, opened their wallets, partied hard and kept a good sense of humor. My Tabasco once again kept me dry the whole weekend......and shooting flames out my ass too..... Big thanks go out to the Boscobel Guru - Don Diehls for kicking this all off 3 years ago, picking our benefit recipient and helping out behind the scenes this year, "The Bulldog" for coordinating the Web pages and putting together the great awards ceremony, "Brillo" for doing a great job of planning, mapping and leading rides, Cap'n Kirk for stepping in and defusing a potential problem with the local club and finally "Fly" for having a great sense of humor and truly winning the most outrageous biker award.

Final numbers were 63 bikes, 90 fed at the bar-b-que, 5 NANMRA qualifiers.......didn't know there were so many moons flying in Wisconsin............, all our bills paid and $1000 raised and donated to the Rescue Squad. Damn, give yourselves all a pat on the back......y'all did good. The riders of VROC, VRA and those that have moved on to other bikes but keep coming back for the ride and good times are some of the best people I've met in many years of riding.

Just the top ten observations from the road in Boscobel....... actually, its 12 but hell, I never could count

#12. Never dare "Fly" to anything...... before the evening's over you'll be hanging your ass and mooning everyone in sight
#11. Never let "Brillo" wear his hat during a "run"'ll disqualify him.
#10. Never doubt that "Falke's" can bounce.... he can bounce off guardrails ........ or anything else in sight
#9. Never lead a pack of hungry and thirsty bikers to a bar with 2 of the three stooges filling in as bartender and cook
#8. Never ask "Rogue" why he quit sucking on Tampons
#7. Never leave your keys in your pants if you're going to qualify for a NANMRA run
#6. Never ride with "Cap'n" and the "boys" to visit the "kittens" at the "animal shelter" in Dubuque....unless you want smile and smell like fish for the rest of the day
#5. Never park your bike on the Motel's new blacktop
#4. Never ask "Mustang Sally" to do a NANMRA run......unless you want to sleep in the Bathtub
#3. Never eat breakfast with "Stoney"......he'll piss off all the "nice ladies"
#2. Never stand behind Blckchrome.......his Tabasco flaming farts will burn off all of your hair and your bike's paint
And finally,
#1. Always have a kick ass time with the great riders of Boscobel

Once again, it was great to see old faces again and meet the many new was a hell of a party.

 ~~~~Ride Safe~~~~ Don (BlckChrome) Soland, VROC #60

Boscobel III - Terrific Twisties and Titties 
I can't believe that I haven't seen more posts about the Boscobel ride this past weekend. Maybe folks are still recovering with no time to type. So, for your reading pleasure, here's my account of this year's Boscobel.  I've been to them all, and this one was by far the best yet! On Thursday night we got the city to close off a portion of the street in downtown Boscobel so that we could all park together for dinner and drinks. We had 39 bikes down there that night, so both sides of the street were lined. Some members of the local club in Boscobel felt slighted because they had never gotten this kind of preferential treatment. I used to be a member of this club for a couple years, so I talked to them about it and I think helped to smooth things out. The group ride on Friday was pretty great. I think the count was close to 50 bikes total since some still had not arrived. There was a first for Boscobel on this ride. This was the first Boscobel where a female VROCer was actually bold enough to flash her tits at the guys......uh actually a few different times too! That was great, but just the beginning!  The destination for Friday was Galena which is a touristy town with antique shops and what not. Since this was also our destination last year, a few of the guys who had been there voiced a little discontentment about returning. So I devised an alternative destination for a small group of us guys. We split off from the main group near Galena and headed over to East Dubuque, home of several skuzzy strip clubs. Fortunately one club was actually open at noon! The bartender took our orders and then proceeded to make her way up onto the stage! Yup, only one girl, but the guys were having such a riot that the manager called in three backups to keep us happy. What happened over the next four hours was one outrageous, full throttle party because what these ladies did could only be described as "full contact stripping". There didn't seem to be much of a limit to what they'd do for a measly $1 tip. Several photos were taken, so keep your eyes open for the scans although I'm not sure where they'll be posted. The most fun for me was taking one of the gals for a ride in her G-string outfit.  Next year I am planning on leading a return ride. Since I already lead the "Terrible Twisties" ride this one will have to be called the "Terrific Titties" ride. I'll be calling ahead though to make sure the girls are waiting there for us.  That fun eventually had to come to an end though since we had to be back for the Friday night BBQ. The cookout was an excellent idea and good fun. We raised $1,000 for the local EMS, had a reporter cover the donation story, and had several officers from the local club show up to further smooth out the Thursday night tensions. Bulldog did some great awards of customized mugs too.  After the cookout the party moved over to the Sands Motel. Quite a few antics went on that night the best of which was unquestionably the NANMRA initiations. It started with Bravo who got the brilliant idea of sneaking out to the highway, stripping off ALL of his clothes and then riding by the whole group at the Sands and on down the highway to the amazement of many motorists. Brillo then challenged Fly to follow suit and Fly boldly stripped in front of everyone and made a couple passes by the Sands. Brillo, Copperhead and yours truly then followed up with nude runs of our own. Our fellow VROCers were quick with their cameras, so don't be surprised if you see some scans pop up.  Saturday kept me pretty busy with leading the Terrible Twisties run where we logged 300 miles including all of the gnarliest turns and switchbacks in Southwestern Wisconsin. Everyone pushed their bikes to the limit and ground some of their chrome into dust. There were also a few 100+ mph runs and general lawlessness. Next year I'm leaving my radar detector at home to hopefully keep the group's speed more reasonable. The most memorable moment was when Falkie decided to take a posted 15 mph switchback way too fast. He ended up fishtailing through the loose dirt on the shoulder and then "SMACK" hit the guard rail. He bounced the bike off the guard rail, grabbed a handful of throttle, rooster tailed a bunch of dirt and rocketed back onto the road. The whole time he had this huge shit eating grin across his face, clearly this was just good fun, no matter how death defying. Another memorable part was slowing down from 100 mph to 65 mph for a bridge where everyone still caught a ton of air. I know that both of my wheels, as well as Stubbie's and Falkie's, were well off the ground. This year's Terrible Twisties survivors were Stubbie, Copperhead, Early Bird, Falkie, Troy, and Fly. Saturday night found us drinking again back at the Sands. We then had a couple small rides on Sunday and more drinking at the Sands last night. Two VROCers, T.J. and Iceman, also won trophies at a bike show in Boscobel on Sunday. In all we had 63 bikes and 90 people at the cookout. Like I said, it was by far the very best Boscobel ever! Good friends, good roads, rampant nudity, lots of beer......what more could you want out of a rally? Am I looking forward to next year again.....hmmmmmm, let's see I think the answer would be "YEEEESSSS"! 

Cap'n Kirk - VROC #928 - '96 Vulcan 800 Classic

I was included in the terrible trio that met in Stillwater to ride to the fantasy Biker road capital of Boscobel Wisconsin with "Mojo" and Jim. The ride there was great..... Well, except for the "detour" instructions that were given to us by a Lacrosse police officer. While these instructions added about 40-50 miles to our travels, (Jim, did you hear him say the road was "M" or "MM") they were beautiful miles and we did smile through most of them. The heat was oppressive, but thanks to a neat water bottle trick from Mojo, we made it to Boscobel with no damage. Mojo had planned ahead to reserve a room at the local inn, while Jim and I were planning on camping. The city totally supports this event and went out of their way to make the VROC'ers feel at home. They allowed camping in the city park which is usually banned. Jim and I pitched our tents Thursday night, and then rode downtown to where the City fathers had blocked off the main street for a block, just so we could park, amble, admire and talk to each other without fear of traffic. During dinner at the lovely "Vail Inn" restaurant, Mojo let it slip that there might be room at the inn where he (and most of the other non-camping VROC members) were staying. I just recently became a grandpa, and the thought of shower, bed, no bugs and another shower in the morning sounded good to my ears! So I drove over and eventually secured a room for both Thursday and Friday nights. (My tent slept alone Thursday until I could take it down after Friday's group ride). Thursday night was a joy of undisciplined discussion with other members of VROC who until that time had been just a name and # on the message boards. Friday morning we gathered for pictures, broke up into smaller groups (there was about 45 Vulcans, a gold wing ridden by "Hungry", a Concours and a BMW) and rode off to a Wisconsin State park that had a amazing overlook at the Wisconsin and Mississippi River junction. From that point you could see Iowa in the distance. The ride was very orderly and the roads, as Jim had said, where great! After the Park, we rode about 25 more miles to a town where we took a break while those that needed it ran to the gas station for fuel. Then it was on to Galena Illinois (did I spell that right?). This town was the home of General/President US Grant and a major producer of lead for the Union during the Civil War. 2 hour break for lunch/shopping/walking and then back to Boscobel, about 65 miles, a straight shot. All and all a great ride. Friday night (after folding my tent and stealing away) there was a pig roast put on by the VROC group which had swollen to around 100 people by then. The food was supplied by a bar not far away named "Cheers". Saturday nights ride was there, since Mojo and I rode back on Saturday, you'll have to get the details about that from Jim. The food was wonderful. After eating, there were awards to be handed out and thank you's to a number of people that worked to put this together. Best Paint, Chrome, Bugs, cleanest bike, Loudest pipes, longest ride where some of the categories that were awarded. A good time was had by all I talked too. After the meal Jim, Mojo, Bugsplat, Mrs. Bugsplat, Eric (?), Mrs Eric and I went on a 60 mile ride led by Bugsplat that I have to say is the best riding I have ever experienced! This year I have been riding 30 years, have ridden to both coasts, all the mountain ranges in the States and this road he led us to was fantastic! 60-70 mph sweepers that you can see all the way around, nice rhythmic riding though rolling hills at twilight in 80 degree weather. If there is a heaven just for bikers, this is what all the roads would be like. WOW! Friday night there was a unofficial group meeting behind the motel for the group. Just sitting outside looking up at the stars, quietly talking among ourselves....well mostly that, if you want to hear the exciting parts you'll have to ask Jim or I about it, as Mojo had turned in early. Another great moment in a wonderful weekend. Saturday was met with some regret, as Mojo and I had to head back to the Cities. Mojo had family duties, and I got to spend the afternoon and evening taking care of my new grandson with Grandma. Mojo, Jim and I met for breakfast at the "Unique Diner". Typical farm town breakfast, Mojo talked me into biscuits and gravy. Sticks to the ribs I can tell you. We headed back to the "Sands" motel to meet with the group one last time before checking out and returning to Rogers/Ramsey. Our ride home was quicker than the ride down, and not as scenic. But we managed to dodge the rain all the way, with just a few drops South of Winona. Mojo stopped by the house for a minute of "end of ride talk" and then headed home himself. It was really a great time with great people. I hope that the River Cities group will be able to enjoy the same feelings Jim, Mojo, and I had in future rides.

"Ride Safe"

"Major" Minor '99 classic, grey and white punched and Hypered, now I need more brakes!!!! VROC #3141

This was my first VROC event. I had a blast. Got a chance to meet quite a few of the people there and put faces to the names. Went on some great rides with the group. Best riding area I have seen! Can't say I went hungry while I was there either. Breakfast at the Unique Cafe was excellent with the Tabasco supplied by BlackChrome. Cheers II put on a great feed Friday night. Camping area was private and the city fixed the entrance for us and brought in trash cans and picnic tables and let us use the showers at the pool.
Many thanks to Black Chrome, Don Diehls and his wife, Cap'n Kirk, and all those who were ride organizers and ride leaders. Ax brought in some great looking shirts and hats. Bulldog brought in some pins and stickers and also had some great awards to hand out. Jeff Saunders took care of the pink flamingo awards. And what can you say about the entertainment behind the Sands on Friday night. The weather was pretty decent also with. Still trying to figure out how I managed to sunburn my noggin since I wore my helmet or a hat most of the time.
The guys at the campground said they heard the group leaving Boscobel Saturday evening for Cheers II and said it sounded quite impressive
Again, many thanks to those involved in making B3 happen. I will definitely make every effort to make Boscobel 4 next year.

Jim, East Bethel, Minnesota VROC # 2910 VRA # 1-0-524A-1500G AMA Member 99 G/G Nomad

Well my wife and I just returned home from one of the greatest rides we have ever been on. The 60 or so riders were as much fun and as friendly as anyone could ask. I would like to thank Bulldog, Black Chrome, and John for organizing a great ride. A large donation was made to the local EMS on behalf of VROC.
The towns hospitality was overwhelming. We had riders from Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and KC.
Again Thanks all for a great time.

===== Jim Bludragon -VROC#3122, So.Wisconsin

After reading Cap'n Kirk's report, I'm wondering if we were at the same rallies. I was in Boscobel, Wisconsin? Sounds like I missed a few things. I never saw the VROC lady expose herself, was it my wife? I was wondering what all that commotion was behind me on the passenger seat....
Anyway, had a great time, met some great people, saw some great scenery. Speaking of great people, we had to run into town on one of the rides to get some WD-40 to free up a sticking brake light switch. When we got back, the group was gone. Except for Brandon, Daryl and Slick and their SO's who were very, very kind to wait for us. Turned out to be terrific people. Thanks you guys, we missed you Saturday night. Paul and Nicole, you guys are a blast. Jeff, thanks for the exhaust tips. Fly, keep working on that Drifter, someday it will turn out ... ahhh....hmmm.... well I'm not sure how that one will turn out.
A _big_ thanks the the brothers who made this possible- Blackchrome, Don, Bulldog and Brillo (sorry if I missed any). You're hard work translated into a great time. For those of you who haven't met Blackchrome, the guy is a master of ceremonies.

-- Eric Haglund ~V~2625 Chippewa Falls, WI

What can I say? A great three days of great riding country, great people, great bikes, and a great little community! Congrats to Black Chrome and Bulldog for all the time and effort they put into making this a very enjoyable event ... DJ said it well ... just enough structure, but casual enough to make it fun.
I talked with several of the locals (including two of the city's finest) .. about our event and everyone was very supportive of our group and supported our "take over" of their town for the weekend. That says alot about those who have worked hard in building a relationship with the community (Don) as well as all the attendees who now enough to respect our hosts.
It was great to meet everyone for the first time and match faces to on-line personalities. Some great bikes and lots of ideas for customizing. The highlight had to be seeing Fly's ultimate metamorphosis of a Drifter!!!!
Great time and already looking forward to next year's event!  

-- Steve "Mojo" Molander '00 Purplish Pearl Black Mica Nomad VROC # 2419

What can I say, Boscobel 3 was the best!!! From the Thursday night party to the Friday night party to the Saturday night party to.........oh yeah the Friday night party hehehe. I don't think I would have qualified for the full moon NANMRA anyway since I never rode a mile. I can always do that one sometime this summer. I'll have to wear the chrome helmet and boots for that one though. ;-) I just want to thank the people responsible for all the hard work they did on B3 they know who they are and to all the VROCers that showed up to make it THE BEST Boscobel to date!!!! I wish I would have had more time to be able to shoot the shit with each of you personally, but I did get to ride with most of you on Thursday. I figured we put about 900 miles on the bikes over the weekend which was a few more than B2 and every mile was top notch riding. We needed about 5 more days like Saturday then I could have got to know everyone a little better with the smaller group rides. I don't know if anyone made it down to New Diggings on Sunday but if you did let me know if the band showed up, and if they were good. I almost turned around and went back to Boscobel on our way home Sunday for just one more day of good times with good friends. You all ride safe until we meet on the next ride or B4!!


At the Barbeque on Friday, I passed out the following awards for the following catagories:

bulletThe Spirit of VROC Award - Wolfman, for the work he has put into the upgraded VROC web site making it the best motorcycle related site on the internet
bulletFarthest Traveled Award - Hungree, who later awarded it to Kopperhead (700 miles) from OK
bulletBest Bike in Show - Slick
bulletBest Chrome - Rip Raffel
bulletBest Paint - Ice
bulletBest Leather - Gordito, for his original chaps and jacket combo
bulletLoudest Pipes - BluDragon
bulletMost Outrageous Accessory / Bike - Fly's custom Drifter
bulletCleanest Bike - Einar owned by Tusk
bulletDirtiest Bike - Rouge, for the sheer volume of bug innards on his windshield
bulletThe Biker's Biker Award - Cap'n Kirk, for keeping the peace and for finding the wild side of East Dubuque
bulletThe Most Outrageous Biker Award - BlackChrome, who later awarded it to Fly for his Outrageous Drifter and his NANMRA ride
bulletQuietest Biker Award - Earlybird, who might loose the award due to the fact he is not quiet, he is just trying to score.  Every time I looked over at him during the whole weekend, he was talking to a fine lady.  Ladies, watch out!!!
bulletMost Tattooed Biker Award - Lee "Ink-Man" Sido
bulletThe Spirit of Boscobel Award - Don Diehl's for founding this great tradition and the behind the scenes work he did with the city to make B3 a complete success

This year, the awards were given out due to observations by the B3 organizers, which might have left some question to who has the best this or that.  Next year, we will let the attendees vote and will tally up the winners.  Should be easier than trying to decide who has more chrome or louder pipes.  Ride safe - Bulldog...


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