Boscobel 4

Patch artwork by BlackChrome


Boscobel???  What in the world is Boscobel???   The Bulldog's dictionary defines Boscobel in this way.

Bosc•o•bel \'bosk-o-'bel'\ n: 1: an all-inclusive Jamaican beach & resort 2: a city which dubs itself as the wild turkey hunting capital of Wisconsin 3: Three days of beer-drinkin', brat-belchin', cheese-fartin', straightshot-shootin', seat-puckerin'/tide-ridin', dead-possum-kickin', kama-sutrin', Bull-rootin', bullshit-shootin', cattle-wavin', sheep-lovin', french-kissin', harp-lickin', bag-pipin', jap-crappin', vodka-guzzlin', barb-wirin', nekid NANMRA qualifying MUSTANG-SADDLE-TRASHIN' GOOD TIMES!

And now, a word from our host!!!

Brillo and BlackChrome.
Without these two, B4 could not have happened...
Photo by Joel "Flash" Ambrozi

Hey Riders to Boscobel What a kick ass party Boscobel 2001 turned out to be! Hope all made it back to their homes or parole board territories in one piece. Mother Nature dressed in her leathers and provided the Great weather, old friends got reacquainted with old friends and started new friendships and everyone opened their hearts and wallets to support the local bike club, their lost but not forgotten riders and local town volunteer resources. Boscobel and VROC bring together a lot of different riders from every walk of life, but it's with pride that I say I enjoy each and everyone's attendance and participation year after year. If you missed it, you missed a great time. Here's this old man's found memory snapshots of this year.
Thursday dawn started early and by the time we left after breakfast, 8 bikes strong were packed and rumbling to the Mississippi. A short stop at the Rock River found 2 more rough riders and we hit Savanna before noon. My fearless leadership got us lost 2 blocks from our designated meeting point, as the Iowa Riders snidely snickered. With lunch and beers completed, we headed North up the river and rumbling into Boscobel early, in time to unpack, grab a bite and head to the Fin and Feather where the street had been blocked out for us again. 50 bikes were counted and Snick had laid on the Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage. I then "borrowed" Fly's bike and parked it in the bar, but only Fly would try to make it fly over the pool table and through the front window. He signed the floor to remind all that he had come and conquered after we passed the hat to cover the damages. Gotta love that "Fly"

Fly with his beverage of choice
Photo by Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn

Photo by Steve "Hawkeye" Moore

Photo by Steve "Hawkeye" Moore

Cap'n Kirk thinking of killing Ghost for his "Dainty Poofta" Award
Photo by Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn

Friday's morn start early again with intro's, welcomes and acknowledgments. Big thanks went out to the Boscobel Guru Don Diehls for starting the madness and helping with many of the details, "Brillo" for putting together routes, checking roads and setting up squads, "Bulldog" for maintaining the web "madness" page and putting together the awards and the many from the city that welcomed and coordinated details. A great ride ended in the Dells where riders had some free time to explore and it was back to town for dinner where we counted 67 bikes. Cheers 2 once again put on a great bar-b-que and "our" donation raised $600 for the fire Department which was presented in our full glory leather and chromed VROC self. This was followed by "Bulldog's" awards and "Ghost" presentation to the "Dainty Pooftas" and the night ended with the first NANMRA qualifiers checking in early.
Saturday began with small rides organized by Don Diehls, "Cap'n Kirk and others and the Cap'n then organized the crusty crowd and we rode as one to the BHFW ride. We looked mighty impressive rolling into the park and the local group did a good job on the day's benefit ride. Cap'n stepped up again and presented another $350 on behalf of VROC in addition to the $5 a rider we contributed. Riding back to town found us finding food on our own and the evening's "entertainment" began with Cap'n's great job of MC and coaxer of the timid as "Danimal" "recorded" "smiling cheeks" for posterity........

Stony and Fly
Separated at birth???
Photo by Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn

Photos by Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn

"Mustang Sally" and I had to head out early Sunday with 3 other compatriots to the start of some mild mist that quickly blew away and we arrived never wet with wide smug smiles planted plainly on our faces. Confident that the Mother Nature would grant good rides to our brothers and sisters still on the road from Boscobel we closed our eyes at the end of the day with memories of another great time in Boscobel. Until we ride again, you all did good and I thank you for your support. Final tally. Catering costs -$800, Patches cost- $300, Shelter Rental cost- $40, Port-a-potty cost-$132 (paid by campers) Memories costs - priceless. Total-$1140 Contributions $2090...."I need 5 more dollars....." . Contributed to Fire Dept.- $600, contributed to BHFW, directed to Rescue Squad,- $350

~~~~Ride Safe~~~~
Don (BlckChrome) Soland,
VROC #60, Chicago area, +42,000, 96 1500D, "Loud", "Fixed" Classic,
WindyCity VROC, AMA, GTOC "White Lightning"

B4 Pictures by Steve "Hawkeye" Moore

Boscobel-4 Attendees Ride Reports

photo by Oly Nantz

It's very hard for me write about just how great of a time that this year was at Boscobel because words can't describe it easily, but I'll try. It's very hard for me write about just how great of a time that this year was at Boscobel because words can't describe it easily, but I'll try.

With the months finally passing since B3 and B4 finally arriving on Thursday it was time to try and make this years event better than the year before. For Deb and I, Thursday always starts with an early waking from a restless night before from the anticipation of the fun times we'll have and good people we'll see and this one was no different. We arrived in Savanna at Poopy's just in time to spot the Windy City group pulling into town from the south. After parking and the usual handshakes, hugs and hello's we went to have a bite to eat in the local bar and discuss a route to invade Boscobel. After lunch with a group of 15 Vulcans we headed northward toward our destination with D2 in the lead.

Upon pulling into the Sands we were greeted by a few VROCers that had already checked in and others that were on their way to Snick's Fin n Feather for the big first night gathering. When we arrived at Snick's we found the street blocked for us to park our bikes on and someone saying that Fly had done a burnout on bar room floor. Looking around it was easy to see there were upwards of 50 or 60 bikes parked on the street with VROCers everywhere. After some BSing and looking at bikes we went into the Vale Cafe for supper before going into Snick's to check out Fly's handiwork. While standing outside talking I noticed these 2 Nads coming toward me and see who I think are Virg and Dave Smith but write it off since I know Virg rides a E2 and Dave has a Magna. To my surprise and everyone elses they went and bought new FI Nads on Monday! Congrats guys!  Getting ready to go across the street to the F&F, Cap'n Kirk fires up his 800 B1 and does a burnout in the center of the street with Bugsplat trying to talk me into doing one with my Nad. Of course we all know that they will do it so there was no reason to demonstrate it. ;-) When things started to migrate back to the Sands we headed there for some more BSing and partying and wait the arrival of more VROCers. Thursday night ended early at 12:30 am so we could get up bright and early for the Friday group ride north.

Photo by Steve Molander

Friday morning after the group safety meeting in the Sands parking lot we were off on the Main ride to the Ho Chunk Casino and the Wisconsin Dells. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning for a ride and with the help of our blockers.... Fly, Stony, D' Animal and Bugsplat we made it through every stop with all 70 bikes in a group. Most times along the route there were bikes as far as you could see if you were in the rear of the pack. With our arrival at the Casino and a short meeting on a rendezvous time everyone was off on their own to the Dells or into the Casino to lose some money. ;-) With my group of riders in tow we headed for Paul Bunyan's for an all you can eat family style lunch then made the loop through through downtown and hit a few of the T-shirt shops. Meeting back at the Casino and regrouping we headed back to Boscobel for the Friday night bar-b-que and awards presentations.

Cap'n Kirk already planning revenge for B5
Photo by Steve "Hawkeye" Moore

Boscobel's FD brought one of their trucks down to the park and we made our donation of $600 to them and took a few pics for the paper. I know Bulldog never got into the pics because he was good enough to count up the ballots for the awards presentation that followed. Thanks bro! I counted 59 bikes in the parking lot with another 10 up in the camping area for a total of 69. No comment on that number. ;-) Next on the agenda was the bar-b-que which as usual Cheers did an awesome job on, and everyone left the tables stuffed like cheap taxidermy job. ;-) Then it was on to the awards presentations which Bulldog, BC and Ghost did a great job on. I'd like to thank everyone for voting me into the coveted position of the Spirit of VROC for B4 it meant a lot. I can't remember who all the awards went to but congrats again to all the winners!

On to the Sands we went after our events at the park to do some more BSing, to have a few more refreshments and check out bikes again. We had to do our partying out in front this year since the skeeters were extra hungry as they were at B2. Well the night wore on but I never heard NANMRA brought up and nobody did a run so when it got late with everyone else in bed except.... myself, Deb, Cap'n, Dave Smith and D'animal we decided that now was the time to do a qualifying run across the bridge and back. So to the back of the Sands we went to get nekkid while D'animal took the pics for proof. It was cold ride out and back and luckily an uneventful one. With the nude ride done and a couple more beers and laughs we retired to our rooms to sleep in for the local charity ride the next day at noon.

Saturday morning dawned clear and warm with most rising early and anticipating the charity ride with the local club BHFW. Everyone gathered in the Sands parking lot for a short meeting and a collection for a little more money for our donation to the Boscobel Rescue Squad. When everyone was ready we rode to the park for the preride meeting and sign up. From what I saw I think VROCers owned 1/2 the bikes there and we made an excellent showing and Cap'n Kirk donated $350 in behalf of VROC. Most went on the ride but some peeled off and went their own directions. On our first stop Furhead was trying to fix a broken toe shifter lever and the BHFW crew was happy to help out by finding someone to weld it up and I heard the Kawi dealer in Richland Center fixed it for free. Only one other incident caused problems on the ride and that was when a HD rider went into the corner too fast and dumped his bike. He faired fine and so did his passenger. In all the ride lasted for around 4 hours and was on some nice roads. After finishing the ride we all stopped at Snicks for the raffle drawing and door prizes of which many VROCers won then went to the Vale Cafe for dinner. It's good that B4 never lasted longer or I may have had to go on a diet from eating too much.

Back at the Sands I guess word had gotten around that we had done the nude run the night before because the skin activities started early sometime around 9:30 I think. There were in the neighborhood of 20+ VROCers that did a nude run on this night with I think damn near all the River Cities group including their SO's. Jim (Warthog) I still can't believe you just pulled up and sat there nekkid waiting for the others to join your group ride! You got ba..... well anyway. hehehe Needless to say the partying went on until the wee hours of the morning and we all had a blast for the third night.

Sunday morning brought the look of rain in the skies but that soon gave way to sunshine a little later. Some (or should I say most) VROCers had to leave and I tried to say my goodbyes but I missed some. Those I missed I'll be looking forward to seeing you next year or maybe at Eureka Springs in October. With the few folks that were left some of us went on a ride north up to Wild Cat Mtn. and other points for a last leisurely ride together before we were once again separated for possibly another year. At our last night at the Sands we sat and talked till late and discussed some of the weekends event's but in the back of our minds we all knew Boscobel was over for another year and I for one would miss the family of friends I'd made there. On Monday we met for one last time at the Unique Cafe to have breakfast and say goodbye.

I just want to say thanks to every last person that attended B4 because you are the reason these rallies are the success that they are and also to BC, Bulldog and Don Diehls for all their work in coordinating this event. I hope to see everyone next year at B5. Ride Safe til we meet the next time around.

Brillo VROC 1992 
WARB #030 AMA 418460 B.A.R.E. Charter Member Sauk Valley Chapter Windy City Chapter Bellevue, Ia. Vintage Red / Chrome G3

All I can say is this was once again a great weekend with some really great people.  First off, let me thank everyone who made it up and helped make Bosocbel-4 a huge success.  For those who I didn't get a chance to sell pins to, I apologize and hope you forgive me.  They can still be had through Badger.  My wife and kids enjoyed the weekend as well.  I have to say that I never expected to see as many people participate in the NANMRA activities but do look forward to next year when we cruise Wisconsin Avenue en-masse to the town's horror.  It seems that last year we made quite a reputation as we had a few youths watching from across the street at the gas station.  When Cap'n Kirk went across to talk to them, they said that they heard we ride nekkid and had to see if it was true.  Oh, it's true, it's TRUE, IT'S TRUE!!!  

Evan Breyn   ~v~   The Bulldog
VROC #485    ~v~   AMA #548720  ~v~  GTOC #80005959
B.A.R.E. Member / NANMRA#_______  (in the mail).
Chicagoland - IL
"Life is too short to drink bad Beer!!!"

Rolled into the garage at 2:30 this afternoon, dry, in one piece and and even got the front yard mowed before the rains started!

What a week! Met Jim Singleton in Elk River Thursday morning under very cloudy, foggy skies; but no rain. We rode down Hwy 10 and met up with Todd and Kathy and Dean and Lori in Prescott as the skies started to clear. A fantastic ride down 35 brought us into Fountain City, where we met Eric and Martha! By now the clouds were pretty much gone and it was looking like we were going to have great weather for our trip and rally. After a bit of highway, freeway and country roads, we found ourselves rolling into Boscobel at 4:30 amidst the whops and hollars from the crew hanging out in front of the Sands.

Thursday night brought us downtown for an opportunity to meet some new folks and see their bikes! Great to put faces with the names of many of the Sauk Valley and Windy Cities crews! And to see what they were riding! Lots of great work on these bikes!

Friday, Brillo led a large contingency of bikes and riders out of Boscobel through some beautiful countryside. This year we had designated blockers to help control traffic at major intersections! That worked out fantastic as we were able to get all the bikes through these areas without risking life or limb. Thanks to Fly, Stoney, Danimal, Ron and others for running interference for the rest of us. Really made for a nice ride!

Friday night was the catered BBQ in the park. The food was fantastic and the presentation of awards amusing. From there we migrated back to the Sands for a bit of socializing. Eric, Martha, Todd, Cathy, Paul, Nicki and I rode south of town for a leisurely ride down K Road. Beautiful road and a great twilight ride. The highlight of the evening was Sidewinder proving to everyone at the Sands that you *CAN* do a wheelie on a Nomad! Thanks Sidewinder, now I don't have to attempt myself!

Saturday we worked off hangovers by sleeping late, catching one of many fantastic breakfasts at the Unique, then riding over the the park for the local charity ride! Cap'n Kirk orchestrated a group ride from the Sands over to the park for all the VROC bikes. Let me tell you, VROC made a huge impact as over 50 bikes rolled into the parking lot and filled most of the lot with out bikes! Very cool! With such a large group and the fact that the ride looked to cover much the same territory as the Friday ride, the River Cities group decided it best to make our donations to the charity then catch a ride on our own. DJ and Pam were now in town, so I led the group out to Wyalusing State Park for the first of our two group pictures of the day! The scenery was fantastic and Martha even ventured down the trails to check out the caves below the look out.

From there we rode into Prairie du Chen, over the river and made a quick stop at the casino where DJ ended up giving Eric his $20 (albiet rather indirectly). On Brillo's recommendation, we followed the Great River Road south through McGregor, Clayton, Balltown and into Dubuque (no, we didn't stop to pet any kitties. We left that to Cap'n and his crew). Diner at the Shot Tower, then we high tailed it back to Boscobel and into what looked like a pretty good thunderstorm. With DJ's knack for timing, we only rode through about 5 minutes of rain just outside of Boscobel. Only my chins got wet (didn't get the engine guard chaps on in time), so in essence stayed dry.

From there it was back to the Sands for another evening of socializing. Things started getting exciting when three bikes rolled through the parking lot -- hey guys (and gals), thanks for the show! But the evening wasn't over. I think it's fair to say that the River Cities' Members were hanging out together at Sands that night. The River Cities boys (minus one - sorry guys) made an impact on the crowd with a unified ride around the parking lot to everyone's delight (amazement?). Pretty soon several more riders were either circling the parking lot or making a run across the bridge (dang that was a cold ride). This was followed shortly thereafter by the second group picture for the River Cities guys and gals! What a way to wrap up an evening!

Sunday, the potential for bad weather seemed to have scared off a few riders and the Sands parking lot was left pretty empty except for a few of us. Brillo and Deb led DJ and Pam, Paul and Nicki, JIm, and me through some beautiful countryside between Sparta, Wild Cat Mnt and Boscobel. Beautiful day that started a bit cloudy, but ended up with clear skys and lots of sunshine! Thanks, Brillo.

The ride this morning was a quick one up 61, through LaCrosse, across the river and home as we hurried to beat what was being reported as some pretty severe thunderstorms that were to move into the Twin Cities in the afternoon. Our timing couldn't have been any better in that as soon as I got home, the wind shifted to the east and the storms started popping around the area. A wall cloud just moved through and it's blowing like a banshee out there right now. Would have hated to have ridden in this stuff if we didn't have to (and we didn't).

So overall, a great weekend. Got a chance to really meet a few new folks, see some new country side and partake in a few of the extra- curricular activities! As usual, it was a friggin' blast. Thanks Blackchrome, Bulldog, Brillo and many others for all the work you guys put into this event! You made it all look so easy!

See you all again next year (or earlier, if possible).

Steve Molander '00 Deep Purple Nomad FI VROC ~2419~ : VRA #1-0-210A-1500G River Cities VROC : Sauk Valley VROC B.A.R.E Member #1

Along with Bulldog, Bludragon and myself a uneventful and even dry ride home, was my first Boscobel and enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks to Brillo, Blackchrome,Danimal and all else involved in making this a successful time. Even now after only 2 days hearing is coming back after following Bierkan back from Ho Chunk, see ya'll next year 

Donald Duck

I wanted to thank all those great folks that made the 3 days that Ms Pam and I got to spend at Boscobel so enjoyable. It was a great time, and even if we didn't get to participate in Thursday and Friday's events, it was wonderful.

Special thanks to Brillo and Deb for leading such a great route on Sunday, keeping us dry and showing us the twisty road to Wild Cat mountain, and the great view from the top. The entire trip that day was one that Ms Pam and I will always remember. Your map reading ability was never questioned (by me), and both of you are great ambassador's for our sport! I am really looking forward to seeing you two again this year, I hope that we can set up that group ride we talked about.

Steve, as always it is fun to be around you. However, I do have a bone to pick with you. Today, on my way to work I stopped by Ms Pam's office to see how she was doing. Her bottom is sore from all the riding, we rode over 1000 miles in the 3 days. Her comment that bothered me was "Steve's passenger seat seemed more comfortable than ours to me. Is that because it was a Nomad? Do they cost a lot more than ours? How much more, have you looked into it?" I'm seeing a trend here, and I really like my Classic. I admit, even with the short ride we took on your bike, it seemed pretty nice. See what you are getting me into??!!

Saturday's ride was wonderful, with Steve leading us to the same state park that we rode to last year. The view was magnificent, with Martha getting some interesting inputs from the bats in the cave under the overlook. Then on to the Dubuque Casino. I was telling Eric that it would be better for me to just ride by and throw money in the front door. I wouldn't waste time in the place and it would be less frustrating. He replied that he didn't really understand craps, but Martha did and this is her system. He produced $20 and quickly doubled his money. (okay, he was down to 5 a couple of times in there) So I thought, if Eric can do it I can. Wrong! My $20 disappeared almost as fast as if I had ridden by and........The ride continued south through Iowa. Great sights, winding road, sun and wind in the face. Good food for dinner and a brisk ride back to Boscobel. They let me lead, I don't know why, and with the dark nasty clouds coming on I thought we should hurry to get back before we got wet. The closer we got to Boscobel, the more I realized that the rain was there before us. I apologize for the lack of timing, I didn't slow down soon enough and we got some road spray for the last 5 miles or so.

The River Cities VROC group at Wyalusing State Park
Photo by Steve Molander

Saturday night's events I'll explain like this. A group ride went by the Sand's. Steve, Dean and I talked about what you could do to be more impressive than that. We devised a plan and all agreed that this would be more impressive, but we weren't going to do it unless all of the attending "River Cities" members agreed to do it. Unfortunately, a consensus was reached and the plan was followed, sort of. And in the end on Sunday night, we gained a "associate" member from Milwaukee who finally decided that he couldn't stand to not be associated with River Cities 'cause we were so "distinguished". All those who were not in attendance can be assured that the River Cities chapter was well represented and that you can hold your head high as we are now known and respected by the rest of the attendee's of Boscobel.

Sunday's ride was in Brillo's hands and as I said above it was great. Sunday night the group was much smaller but very enjoyable as Capt. Kirk had us hooked and ready to defend a downed Vulcan riders honor. We had actually taken a step towards our bikes before he said "wait a minute" some of the story was true, the rider had gone down a casualty of the twisty ride, but how he described the cause of his going down was not. I haven't been had that bad in years! Good fun, and it did show that we were willing to defend the group.

Monday morning was a time to say good bye to old and new friends. I caught Don, Einer, Steve, and Fly on their way out around 8:00. The Capt. had left earlier. Jim, Steve, Ms Pam and I ate one last "Unique" Breakfast and gassed up. Brillo and Deb stopped by, so we had a chance to say goodbye to them also. Leaving town after gassing up, as we past the Sand's there was the newest member of River Cities, Paul and Nikki from Milwaukee, waving to us from their hotel doorway. I sure wish they lived closer, they would be a great addition to our group on a day to day basis. We rode straight 131 miles up 61 into Minnesota. A quick lunch at a deli and on to the house for an additional 112. Once we got to St.Paul we had some miscommunication and Steve took 10 out of the city, while Jim and the Minors took 280 to 35W to 10. Our way is quicker on the way to Boscobel, but I think Steve's 10 route is better going home. Jim stopped at the house for a couple of minutes to say goodbye, and then he was on the road to Zimmerman and home.

All in all a great trip!

dj (and Ms Pam) minor '99 1500 Classic B.A.R.E. Member VROC #3141 River Cities #2

A lot of ride reports from Boscobel properly documented the event and gave due thanks to those that made it special. I would like to add a few words about a turn of events that could turned the weekend to shit for me, but really ended up demonstrating what our club and bikers in general are really about.
On the Saturday ride with the local riding club, Bikers Helping Friends Wishes (BHFW), my shift lever got very soft to the point where I could no longer shift. After clutch slipping and revving it around turns and curves in 4th gear for the last couple miles, we made it to the first stop of the ride. The shift lever came off in my hand when I grabbed it. In less than 5 minutes the local riders found a gentleman named Mr. Anderson in town that owned a welder we could use. Next thing I knew Fred Zimbric, D'Animal, Sidewinder, and Brillo were breaking out the tools and getting grimy with me. Keep in mind that it was close to 90 degrees and sunny and the cold drinks and shade were really calling. Speaking of shade, Sidewinder's lovely lady friend Deb even held up a jacket to keep the sun off the wrenchers! Then Darrel Kasper the friendly Ghost came over and offered to get his trailer and haul my bike back home the next day. Thankfully I didn't need it but I sure appreciated the offer.
When the spline end of the shifter finally came off (persuaded by Sidewinder?) we went to Mr. Anderson's shop where Sidewinder and a CMA rider named Jim did the welding on the shifter. After a sincere `thank you' and handshake for Mr. Anderson we went back to the bike and bolted it up as good as possible. At this point we decided to head to a new Kawasaki shop in Richland Center. Duck gave my wife a ride on his nomad in case I needed to do some more serious clutching, and Jim Bludragon, Sidewinder and Deb came along to see I got there.
At the Kaw shop, New World Sports, Todd the mechanic removed the shifter, cleaned up the threads, got a new longer bolt and reinstalled the shifter good and proper. Twenty minutes and shop supplies cost me……a smile and a handshake! I'll put the shop info at the bottom of this post.
So instead of being stranded 200 miles from home, I had a whole pile of old and new friends doing their best to help me out. That is so cool. Thanks again to all who helped and I hope to be able to return the favor somewhere, sometime.
New World Sports / Tom Bauer Phone 800-999-5285 Fax 608-647-7269
These guys treated me great, are willing to deal, and will ship ordered parts.

Ride safe,

Hey everybody,
I know I'm a little late getting around to writing about last weekend, but here goes.
First off, I'd like to extend my gratitude for being able to be a part of the Boscobel rally. I think it's one of the best rallys that I've ever attended! I was a HOG member for over 11 years and I don't think that I ever met as many really great people as I met out in B- bel.
A special thanks to Don D., Brillo, Blackchrome, Cap't Kirk, Bulldog, and all the rest of you that made all the planning come through so well! You all deserve a great big pat on the back. A special thanks to Beirkan, for leading us in to Boscobel on Thurs. via a flying trip up C road with the Tiki torches standing tall! Damn, I had a helluva time keeping up with him! Glad to hear you're alright after your mishap on Sunday!!
Great roads, great weather, beautiful scenery, excellent food, and a whole bunch of super people made for one weekend that I'll never forget!!! Count me in next year, and maybe I won't go to bed as early so I can catch all the excitement going on after hours. ;-)


Made it home safe and sound no rain to speak of. Brillo, BC, Bulldog, Don, Cptn Kirk and The City of Boscobel, Thanks for another memorable trip. Had a great time. See you at B5.

Jim Bludragon

Made it back home around 7pm tonight. Missed most of the rain except for the last couple of minutes. It was great riding with you all again, can't wait till Windy-Indy. For those of you that missed it, you missed one HELLUVA party! There were probably 20 new members into the NANMRA club, (SO and I were NOT one of them), a few days of great Wisconsin roads, and some of the best people around. Thanks to Brillo, Don Diehls, BC, Bulldog, and everyone else who put this bad boy together.

Brandon "Flip" Caldwell ~V~2620 Tecumseh, MI 1998 1500 Classic

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