MC Show 2001

2001 Chicago Motorcycle Show
Article and Photo's by Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn

What a great day for a motorcycle show.  Freaking cold outside, but the sights of the new shiny bikes still made me feel like warm weather was just a day away.  We met up early to enter for the Kawasaki Good Times Owners Club (GTOC) show breakfast for members.  I wasn't a member, so Ghost who had a extra ticket let me attend as his guest.  Thanks Ghost.  Early entrance sure beats standing in the 10:00am line that never ends.  Our morning started with coffee, pastries and bike talk.  Is there anything better, except maybe some cold beer to wash it down with?  Q&A followed, though nothing new was revealed.  Rumors of the 750's demise were circulated around (damn them).  If course, the WCVROCers in attendance (I'm not good with remembering everyone, so I will just say that everyone who was there was there) were busy throwing ideas for future rides and events back and forth.  Needless to say, Boscobel-4 and Windy Indy-2 are in very capable hands.  The show was great, new bikes and old friends.  Vendors were willing to take our money, and of course we were willing to give it away.  I updated all my subscriptions, memberships and brought new goodies and some tools too.  I even got a chance to field test my new digital camera my wife just gave me.  Here are the results. 


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