MC Show 2002

2002 Chicago Motorcycle Show

The WCVROC Crew...

On 2/9/02 some of the WCVROCers met up at the 2002 Cycleworld International Motorcycle Show held in Rosemont, IL.  There were many bikes and accessories to be drooled over, but the best part of the show was seeing all of the Windy City VROCers who attended and the anticipation of the upcoming riding season.  It looks like the Summer of 2002 will be a good one.  Ride safe...

So honey, can I ride it home???

Pat telling Deb "No freaking way he is getting a Mean Streak!!!"

This winter has been rough on BC.  A few miles with his face in the wind and he will be back to his normal(?) handsome(?) self...

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