Fun Run 99

WCVROC February Fun (Frosty Balls) Run

Hey a lil' stinkin snow didn't stop us Chicagoans from doing the February Fun Run today. 35 degrees and blowing snow showers greeted our mid-day as we met in a near North West Chicago Micro Brewery for some good drinks, munchies and VROC Bullshit. Good to see again Taz, Jake, Bulldog, Rich, Wolfman and Patsy, as Sally and I welcomed and tried to entertain the VROC troops. Man that Jake is a hard guy to get to loosen up and join in the conversation. Hee hee. Taz and I represented the true "riders" in the group as the rest of the crowd did the "cage thing." Planning on doing at leat a monthly Chicago area run throughout '99, we're off to a good start. March teases us with tempations of better weather and more "curves" around the corner. Big kudos'.....yeah Jake that's a big word....NOT COODIES all the brave VROC's venturing out on a "beautiful" Chicagoland February afternoon......hee hee.

~~~~Ride Safe VROC'S~~~~ Don "BlackChrome" Soland


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