Midnight Tour 2002

JPC Midnight Tour 2002

July 13th, 2002 - Des Plains, Illinois

Write up by Richard "EarlyBird" Poole
Photo's by Rubberman and The Bulldog

I haven't been able to ride with the group much and really missed Boscobel (Oh well there is always next year, right?) So if you don't mind I'd like to share a brief ride report from last night.  A beautiful summer night and 4,000 motorcycles spelled fun for the  23rd annual Midnight Run put on by the Jerseypine Cruisers. A run through the bright lights of the loop in Chi-town and the camaraderie of Windy City VROC, What's not to like? 

B.C. and sally, Mad Kaw and Cynthia, Rubber and a friend Mike (who was mounted on an eighties vintage 3 cylinder Yamaha) and yours truly met up at Gino's east in Rosemount for a pre-ride discussion of group riding procedures and safety. After that it was on to the Marysville academy grounds where we talked bikes, looked at bikes and checked
out the vendors.  All the while We were entertained by karaoke singers and our fellow motorcyclists. 

The high light for me was seeing Rubber's awesome custom 1500 classic. A beautiful paint Job!, the solo look I like and the neon light look really works to set it off.  ( Although the paint job looks a lot like the new stock Honda paint schemes for the VTX and shadow :=). I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  

We got there earlier this year than in the past so had a fairly early  get-off with the first wave.  The nice part was being serenaded by Kaw Guy doing "Old Blue Eyes" version of "Chicago" just before we took off( It takes balls to get up and sing before 4,000 almost complete strangers).  Bulldog also took a few minutes from his duties at the ABATE booth to chat.  

The ride was fun and thankfully uneventful  Coming out of the loop we split up - - with Rubber and his friend Mike heading for ride destination and rest of us for the burbs.  We made our mandatory post-ride debriefing stop to review our safety procedures and group riding techniques at two different places in Elmhurst.  Unfortunately the meeting was cut short when the last establishment closed for the night.  So my suggestion is that we resume the discussion next Sunday on the ride to starved Rock.  

It was really good to see the WC gang and I am looking forward to making next ride... 

Rich ~ Earlybird...

TeddyBear from Northwest Suburban ABATE

Joe D. and Carol W. from the 
Northwest Suburban ABATE Chapter.

TeddyBear and Larry H from NWS ABATE

Earl S. from NWS ABATE

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