Little Angels 2005

Little Angels 2005

May 15th 2005

by Don "BlackChrome" Soland
Photo's and photo commentary by The Bulldog

BC & Sally going over the plan for our ride.  Safety FIRST!!!
Whew, my toes are finally thawed out. What another great day of riding with some great friends as we kicked off Little Angels with a great turnout today. We started the day dropping "Sassy" off with some traveling Gypsies and scooted over to IHOP where we soon had the back room nearly filled with our own group. Great seeing every body out to support Little Angels and plan for the "Ride for Joey" June 12th. Joe and Cindy Barry were kind enough to take the lead of our menagerie of 15-20 bikes as we headed over to Woodstock. We lost "Duck" and Rockford Jim some where along the way. Hey guys I hope everything was OK and you made it to the ride and back home. 
Riders filled the Woodstock HD and the abandoned Farm and Fleet next door and I think we all proved to Elgin HD that they really screwed up, dropping the support of Little Angels. As the bikes roared to life our ugly biker gang said, "DIRECTIONS....DIRECTIONS? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING DIRECTIONS......and we hightailed it south to ol Starks bar for some cold beers, warm burgers and brats and be entertained by watching Pam's face turn different shades of green until we held her down and poured a shot of Cap'n down her throat to chase away the hangover blues. We the got to enjoy ........"rootbeer and icecream in our bathrobes?" ......hey ya had to be there. Saddling up we then cruized on over to Motts for some more cold ones and some corn and it was time to get back in the saddle again to wind on out to end at the Outpost for more beverages and some more hot food. 

Our Miss Pam has other ideas.  I've never actually seen anybody sleep on their bike before.

So damn cold and windy, we took up smoking to keep warm...
"Mustang" and I then had to saddle up to wind her out heading North to head off the Gypsies and rescue "Sassy" and then it was time to head ol "Bud Suds" on back to the barn and thaw out our toes. As always, it was a great day of riding with both new and old friends. Hope ya'll made it back safe and sane.....well except me, and hope to see everyone out for the "Ride for Joey" on June 12th.
~~~~Ride Hard, Ride Safe~~~~
Don "BlckChrome" Soland, VROC #60, NW Chicago area,
"Mustang" Sally and "Sassy" Kara
Bastard "Poster" Brother of the W.A.R.B. #60
~~~~~~~+58,000, 96 1500D, "White Lightning",~~~~~~~
~~~+8000, 2002 Nomad, "Bud-Suds" AKA "STALE PISS"~~

Custom painted Boss Hoss V8...


My friend Loran "Duece" Yourk.  Seems he forgot his VN750 at home (traitor)...

After we got back from our ride, I checked out the bikes in the show.  There were some very impressive bikes on display.

This is something that is not in the show but I found interesting anyway...  Check out that paintjob.

For most here, they would not care about this one at all.  But for a VN750 owner, to see one with 70,500 miles on it is a testament to the bike.

The bike is a 1989 VN750 and the owner has had it since new.  He tells me that the mileage would be much higher but he was on a HD Touring bike for a few years ago.  I believe him as when I last saw this bike about 5 years ago, it only had 45,000 miles on it.  BTW, it is still on it's original stator and regulator.

Lonnie even fabricated a heal-toe shifter for his VN750.  This man has my total respect...



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