Little Angels 2000

Little Angels Pledge Run 5/21/2000

Special thanks to Elgin HOG for holding a excellent fund raiser for a worthy cause!!!

Write up by BlackChrome
Pictures by Gunner

Elgin HOG with Fisher Harley Davidson held the 13th annual Little Angels Pledge Run to benefit the Little Angels hospital in Elgin, IL. Little Angels A.R.C. is a 50-bed skilled pediatric long-term care facility located in Elgin, IL. All of the children are severely and profoundly disabled. Since 1988, this event has raised over $1.5 million dollars. The proceeds from this run have been reserved in a special account for the L.A. building fund. These funds will be used to finance a 17,000 S.F. addition

Damn, what a great day.
From pulling into the Cracker Barrel 15 minutes early to ride up to 7 waiting Vulcans, to a great breakfast where we took over a quarter of the restaurant and received accolades from the waitress for riding for a great cause, to lining up our now 31 bikes for group pics, to rumbling into Elgin Community College for registration and seeing my Post Office Mug shot on the "Wanted Board", the day was a true great one and if you missed it you missed the best of Windy City VROC. Never mind that we got lost again, pulling out of the parking lot, couldn't blame our token Buell this time....though he did follow the other lost Harleys. Sally and I got us turned around and back on the right track and Mother Nature treated us to a beautiful Spring day.

Stopping for gas and the 50 minute rest room break in Cortland found Sally not feeling so well, so we headed out, while the rest of the group continued the wander. Sally and I headed over to Mott's in Burlington and the cool air and cold beers got her feeling better by the time the rest of the crowd showed up. After downing some brats and beer, we headed out again to wind up at "Krugster's" In-Laws for some more cold beers before we headed back to the College for a late lunch and a chance to shoot the WCVROC BS. Good we made it back because WCVROC won the award and plaque for best attended Chapter.....or was it we got a plaque for something......And I found out I wasn't going to jail for my "wanted poster" but actually won dinner and drinks at a favorite watering hole of mine.

We all soon broke up to head our separate ways then as the weather was looking ominous and Sally and I headed back out to another bar, The Outpost on 20 that we had talked about stopping at earlier......imagine that, me wanting to stop for a beer.

Overall it was a great day for a great cause with a great group of WCVROC old and new friends. I'll leave it to Ghost to name the names, since he was voted the secretary of the ride

According to Ghost, here were the attendees:
Black Chrome & Mustang Sally, Wolfman & 2OF8, Stretch & Kim, Skydiver & Kathy, Sidewinder & Raptor, John & Briana, Brad & Ann, David Solomon, Bisonfellow & Wife (forgot her name!), Danimal, Sarge, Dave Nichols, Blue Buellguy, Slick, Rev, Broker, Bulldog, Duck, Phil, Tom, Fran, Sherry, Lori, Krugster, Ink-Man, Taz, Jake, Larry, Gunner, Huge, Brad Moser & guest, and Ghost

Here is the plaque that we received from Elgin Hog for the Largest Club Participation.  A Special thanks to Danimal & Ghost for ensuring a full and accurate club sign-up and to Gunner for a truly beautiful job of engraving our plaque.  Congratulations Windy City VROC!!!

We still need some more photo's for this page.  If you have a photo of the Little Angel's ride you want on this page, email me a copy to and I will be glad to post it here and credit the photographer.  Thanks and ride safe...  BD...


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