Nasty Run 2000

WCVROC January Nasty Gathering  II
January 23rd, 2000
Stories by Don "BlackChrome" Soland and Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn.  Photo's by The Bulldog.

Well, yesterday's January's Nasty "Gathering" was a great VROC'ing time. Even though the weather was extra nasty with temps hovering at 10 degrees below zero with wind chills and black ice hiding, waiting for some fool, no one was foolish enough to bring the bikes. We all ended up caging it, with many families joining us, enjoying the day, for some fun conversation, BS'ing and games. Word has it one "Tony" even took the challenge and drank the Tabasco right out of the bottle on a bet. Way to go Tony! 

Always good to get together with this great and motley crowd called WCVROC, meeting the new members, and reacquainting with the old. A special thanks to The Bulldog for passing out personalized WCVROC beer steins to the grizzled ol' timers.

~~~~Ride Safe~~~~
Don (BlckChrome) Soland,
VROC#60,Chicago area, +34,000, 96 1500D, "Loud", "Fixed" Classic,
WindyCity VROC, AMA, GTOC "White Lightning"

I would like to thank everyone who came out to Dave & Busters on Sunday, Jan. 23rd for the Second Annual Windy City VROC January Nasty Gathering / Run. This year it was a "gathering" due to the severe cold and common sense that kept us off the bikes. Between the black-ice and the biting cold, riding would not have been a good idea. Unfortunately, I have forgotten some of the newer members names that attended, but I will rattle off the members I do remember. 

t was great to see familiar faces like BlackChrome & Mustang Sally, Wolfman & "2of8" Patsy, Ghost and his family, Slick, George "The Prof." Roe, Slick, Earlybird, and Huge. It was great meeting our newest members like Jonathan "Hawk" Lorig and Rev.  If I've forgotten anyone's name, please accept my apology and a beer the next time we meet.   Great talk, future plans and past stories were swapped along with the entertainment provided by Dave & Busters.   They even had HD video games there, but I doubt that there were "authentic" because when I played there was no break down's or oil under the game. <grin>. 

Once again, it was great seeing everyone and hope to see everyone at the International Motorcycle Show in February.  Ride safe and try to stay warm... --

Evan Breyn ~v~ The Bulldog
1990 VN750 HBUBF Sport Cruiser ~v~ VROC #485
AMA #548720 Chicagoland - IL
"Life is too short to drink bad Beer!!!"


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