January Nasty 2005

WCVROC January Nasty Gathering  2005
January 23rd, 2005
by Don "BlackChrome" Soland
Photo's by The Bulldog and The Duck

Hey Hey WindyCity Throbbing Juggers
What a great day for a ride for the Annual Frosty Balls and Nips run.......well actually it was a shitty day, 6 degrees and recovering from an 8 inch snow left us all wimping out leaving the steel horses in the garages as we donned our smoking jackets and loafers and fired up the station wagons to meet at Dave and Busters.
"Mustang", "Sassy" and yours truly, ol loudmouth rumbled....er......creaked into the parking lot to walk in and find "Duck" and Da Jake drinking all the beer and dancing on the tables. We made every effort to catch up as "Ira" and his 2 twin sons arrived to be joined by his girlfriend later......sssshhhhhh......don't tell his wife she was there. 

Hey - Look what we found!!!

Duck holding the newest Windy City VROCer...
Da "Bulldog" and his family soon showed up to join the party and we soon made every effort to drink the bar dry and eat all the food before they threw our sorry asses out. Talk of going on the Jerry Springer show to gather some Jerry Beads wound around me dropping "Sassy" on the floor to watch her bounce.........hey she was slippery......
All and all it was another great day with a bunch of great friends as we looked ahead to the years runs and planned for another round of smiles. Hope to see more of you at the upcoming International MC show in Rosemont........details to be shouted out to ya soon as I sober up.

Nope!!!  Bulldog's done having babies!!!

Patty, Rachael and Sassy...
Rachael spent the next week campaigning for a new baby.

Ethan giving poor Bulldog future shock on the motorcycle video game

BC ducking the camera again...
The safest place in the world...
Mommy's shoulder

Just jump up there and have some nice hot Tabasco...

BC again giving a waitress grief (again)...  
Good thing he is a generous tipper!!!
~~~~Ride Hard, Ride Safe~~~~
Don "BlckChrome" Soland, VROC #60, NW Chicago area,
"Mustang" Sally and "Sassy" Kara
Bastard "Poster" Brother of the W.A.R.B. #60
~~~~~~~+58,000, 96 1500D, "White Lightning",~~~~~~~
~~~+5800, 2002 Nomad, "Bud-Suds" AKA "STALE PISS"~~

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