NI VN750 06/05

Northern Illinois VN750 Run
 June 2005

June 4th, 2005

Write up by Jim "Pick" Foster
Photo's by Evan "The Bulldog" Breyn

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Freak, Deuce, Stevie D, Pick, Sweet Sausage and The Bulldog
Well, sorry we couldn't hook up with Stewart and KM and the rest of the NIMROD crew, but we did take a chance and meet in Crystal Lake at the Old Country Buffet. Bulldog, Mike, Jill, Deuce, Stevie D. and me. Only 5 Vulcans, since Deuce elected to ride his Honda Magna (nice bike!). Had a great time! Started out by ogling bikes, of course, but then we were all treated to breakfast by Stevie D. Thanks, man! A truly unexpected but great gesture! Then we took a nice ride (except Mike, who had a Honey-do list that was just too long and had to head home). Bulldog led us through some nice back roads, and we wound up at Black Sheep Custom Cycle where they had a band and free food. The weather started looking threatening, so Deuce and Stevie took off to try to beat it home. Then the skies opened up. I hope they made it safely! Bulldog, Jill, and I waited it out -- about an hour or so -- then headed out for home.

Freak's Bike

Stevie D's Screaming Yellow Mimi...

Jill's Sweet Adeline ~ Notice the new fuel tap for her Aux Gas Tank

Freak's 95 VN750

Pick's NEW Babe - The Black Stallion

The world from The Bulldog's saddle.  Notice the new Sirius Satellite Radio on the left bar
Had a great time seeing everyone and meeting Mike for the first time. Next time, I hope we have more promising weather so we can get together with the St. Louis group and others, too. It's been too long since we've gotten together.
Jim "Pick" Foster
Dixon, IL
VROC #9492, TNVROC #0020 H.M.
ABATE of Illinois #59365
2000 VN750 "Black Stallion", 1982 KZ440 LTD



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