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Just a bunch of pictures that I have taken over the years.  No real rhyme or reason, just had to park them somewhere and here seemed like the right place...

Out for a ride to run errands on a nice September day, I came to R&S Motorsports in Woodstock and they were having an Open House with a free bikini bike wash.  Now, I never would participate in such an endeavor, but it was free and the bike was dirty...

The girls did a great job and the bike was clean, so everybody is happy... 
All set for the Starved Rock run on 9/30/07...



On 4/22/07, we met up at Woodstock Harley to do a quick run through on the Walneck swap meet.  While there, I snapped a few pictures...


Jimmy T on a 2007 Mean Streak

Remember when Jim always rode a Mean Streak??? Think he will give up his new Harley for another Meanie???


Boscobel 8 - June 2005


Wizard on a Geezer Glide Trike



Little Angles 2001 pictures taken May 20th, 2001.

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Boscobel 2 pictures taken June 1999.

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Highland House Run pictures taken November 1999.

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