Randy's Cycle 2003

Open House ~ Victory Motorcycles 2003

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On 6/28/03 I attended an open house for Randy's Cycle in Huntley, IL.  Randy and his staff were celebrating the expansion of his business.  Randy's Cycle  is now an authorized Victory Motorcycles dealer.  When shopping for a motorcycle, check out Randy's Cycle.  You will not find a better shop  to purchase your next bike from.  

The pictures below were taken at the open house.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Ride safe...

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Yup, that is me enjoying the start of a very nice day. 
 "Would you like to join ABATE???"

How about now?
  "Would you like to join ABATE???"

The photo session was provided by Colleen Swartz of Digital Magic Big Shots.  

The proud owner of this bike.   This paint job rocked!!!

Check out this HD 100th Anniversary Lehman Trike.
John Lehman, founder of Lehman Trikes shows off his personal favorite.

If you have the need for three wheels, Randys Cycle will take care of you right.  Lehman Trikes are the best on the market.  Check out the building process

Colleen takes a turn as our bike model.

This was the  view from my ABATE table.  It's rough being me!!!

A Feuling W3.  This was built @ Randy's Cycle.  If you can dream it, Randy's can build it.

Rumor has it that this baby can do almost 200mph.  Damn!!!

When you have something this powerful, a radar detector is sometimes needed.

Dancing, singing and enjoying the day.

Dieno from the Rushmore Inn in Woodstock taking a Victory on a test ride.

And off Dieno went.  From what I hear, he still hasn't come back.  Liked the bike so much, he just kept heading West.

Setting up the next bike for a shoot.

Dude, NO!!!!!!

All this and brains too!!!

A few of the Victory's available from Randy's.

Randy with the W3.  

Gary posing with the bike he built.

The proud owner of this magnificent machine.

I figured I'd let the girls recruit for ABATE for a while.

Colleen working to get the right shot. 
(that platform was in the sun all day and was hot enough to cook breakfast on)

Randy showing his customers everything a Victory Motorcycle has to offer.

Victor showing off his custom Honda Shadow.

Smile and look scary please...

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The pictures displayed were taken by me for posting to the internet on this page.  They are not examples of the high quality work that Digital Magic Big Shots does.  My little camera could not come close to the exceptional quality that John and Colleen produce.  

Ride safe,

Evan Breyn ~ The Bulldog


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