March Madness Run
March 27th 1999

Story by Don "BlackChrome" Soland

Great weather and a great VROC group gathered together Saturday for some good
food, BS and a nice run. "Kawgirl" and I met up with Richard (Still looking
for a nic) and rode in to the Alumni Club to be welcomed by "Wolfrider" and
friend, (no nick for her yet), and "Bulldog". We were soon joined by "Fred"
(also looking for a nic), newly nicked "Spot" and "Slim Shady", "Jake" and
"Wolfman" himself (forced to cage it while his bike is in for the "fix"),
"English Andy"Fox River's and "Fiddlybits". We enjoyed some VROC banter, chow
and cold drinks at the Amuni club, then ventured outside where Wolfman caged
away, English Andy and Lynn headed East while "Fred" led the remaining charge
North West to Wauconda. A short gas stop....hey the Chili was good! and I then
led the menagerie West to a McHenry bar......damn I don't know why I keep
ending up stopping at bars.

A beautiful day had us sitting outside on the Fox River's edge. Sipping beers
and watching Spot perform body piercing and dislocation tricks. Spot was soon
dubbed "Rubber Man" with "Gumby" a close second. Slim Shady almost inherited
"RubberMaid, but we hadn't drank enough yet so with a sigh of relief she held
on to SlimShady. Jake met a friend, Jeff at the bar......yeah it surprised us
too that Jake had a friend....hee hee..... and Jeff promptly bought a pitcher
of beer. Big thanks there Jeff! Jake quickly dubbed "Kawgirl" "Mustang Sally"
.....hey I like that then he tried to nickname me "Blackbird" or "Tweety
Bird" for my constant habit of taking my hands off the bars at high speed and
flapping my arms.....which drives "Mustang Sally" nuts....almost as bad as
when I practice weaving. Hee hee. "Rich" then had to ride and I caught him in
a Lightning fast move like Zorro, slipping out the plastic and picking up
the tab. BIG THANKS there Rich. We owe ya next time......You may just have
earned the name "Lightning" or "Zorro". We bounced Z-Z-Fred off Fred and Z-Man
for nics but are still working on it. Jake is organizing next months run to
Starved Rock and possibly JCW on Saturday April 24th and will get details out.
Everyone then wandered away from the McHenry Bar And Mustang Sally and I
headed South to a few more bars in Woodstock and Stark where I almost got her
dancing on the bar for bartended George....but that's another story. Finally
turned the bike off at 12:30 this morning with a great days ride with some
great friends. Hope the Springfield WindyCity Run was just as good. Lets hook
up a combined run soon.

~~~~Ride Safe VROC'S~~~~
Don (blckchrome) Soland, VROC Member #60,

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