Toys for Tots 1999

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Chicago, Illinois
December 5th, 1999.
Story by Richard "Earlybird" Poole, VROC #1394

If you were warm and dry Sunday then you weren't on the T4T ride. (Apologies to Huge who had to work out in it.) This is really a long story about a quick decision.  At 7:30AM Sunday I decided to make the run even though it was 41 degrees and raining. I came in on I-90 to 53 then headed south to 290 and 83. By the time I was in Westmont I was cold and wet. I headed for 55th and Plainfield to see if Wolfman would show. (Sorry Wolfman I just got it wrong. It was supposed to be 75th St.) Nobody there so I headed for 95th and Western. by this time I wasn't really expecting anybody so it was a pleasant surprise to see Roger Barnes VROC #2523. Thanks for showing Roger. Misery loves company. We headed over to the staging area at 87th and Western where I was simply amazed by the number of riders. The T4T people say 16,000. I don't know about that, but it was the biggest ride I've ever been on. While getting free coffee and donuts courtesy of Salvation Army we ran into Dan "Danimal" Harper VROC #3126 who was working as a volunteer for T4T. The ride itself was a blast. It went north on Western. We were lead by fire trucks, a convoy of National Guard trucks and every intersection was blocked by CPD. Everybody ran their sirens, we honked our horns and unbelievably, thousands of people lined Western Ave to wave and gawk. I stayed with it for 15 miles then cut-off at Irving Park to head west and home. On the way home I had to stop and scrape ICE from my visor and windshield several times. By the time I got home it was 30 degrees and snowing. As I said a long story about a quick decision. It was like banging your head on a brick wall----it felt really good to stop. Se ya all on the January nasty run.

Ride safe,
  Richard "Earlybird" Pool  
VROC #1394       

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