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In May 2012 while on a weekend ride I noticed that I was having transmission issues with the Nomad.  Upon our return home I consulted with my Kawasaki dealership about the issue and came to the conclusion that the cost to fix the Nomad would be about 70% of it's value.  With this in mind, I had a conversation with the owner of the shop about a real choice 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic he had on his floor.  A great deal was made and on June 14th, 2012 I got my HD Bagger along with the knowledge that they would fix my Nomad and sell her to a new owner who will give her many more years of use (which they did - the Nomad sold the day it was repaired).

So what do you do to a fully dressed 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic to make it yours?  From the outside you would not think much can be added.  WRONG!!!  There is tons of stuff to be done and I am unfortunately finding this out.  Here is my current list of modifications done to the Ultra as of 10/6/12:

  • The accessories that came on the bike when I got it: Saddlebag lid guards, shorty antenna's, trunk luggage rack, heated grips (removed and replaced by KuryAkyn grips), HD/Kury Akyn offset footpegs,

  • Moved the Sirius Satellite Radio and the GPS from the Nomad to the Ultra as well as the flags.

  • Truck Lite (KuryAkyn) Series 6 LED headlight and passing lamps.  See KA Link for more info.  You cannot go wrong with the Truck-Lite Series 6 or 7 LED headlamps and passing lamps.  You see EVERYTHING at night and the cars see you during the day.  Worth the money!!!

  • Freedom Shields 6" curved smoke windshield.  This is a GREAT shield.  I can look over it and still see everything without the wind hitting me in the face.  The redirected wind-stream will deflect most things coming at you short of a bird or a large monster bug.  Thicker then the HD OEM shield and looks damn great on the bike.

  • 3-compartment windshield bag.  Needed to hold sunglasses, garage remote and other stuff. 

  • Mustang Wide Touring Saddle - Got a great deal on this one so I had to have it. 

  • HD Adjustable backrest.  Totally worth the extra money as it can be adjusted to accommodate whatever jacket you are wearing to put you in the correct position.  The quick release is also nice to remove it for when riding with the wife.

  • HD Windshield Trim - just a nice piece of metal to break up the batwing fairing a bit. 

  • KuryAkyn ISO Grips with Throttle Boss tabs on both grips along with custom bar end weights.  I missed this feel from my Nomad so I had to get these to make the Ultra feel more like "My Bike".

  • KuryAkyn Airmaster Dragon Wing air deflectors. These are really nice to direct wind on a hot day on the road.

  • Screaming Eagle Pipes - A great deal was presented to me on these and they are deeper and louder then the OEM bagger pipes that came on the bike.  Not too loud but more presence then the OEM pipes.  *** UPDATE ***  I was not happy with the sound level and I felt that I wasn't getting the performance increase I should, so I replaced the baffles with a set of Cycle Shack #1544 baffles and replaced the fiberglass packing as it fell apart in one muffler.  I used silica fabric sheeting with a temperature rating of 2300"F (McMaster-Carr part number 87994K - 24" x 36").  I used a 24" x 15" sheet for each muffler held together by masking tape.  The tape burns off in use and the silica sheeting should never have to be replaced as it will not fall apart and degrade like the fiberglass does.  Nice deep sound with an increase in performance.

  • KN HD1499 Air Filter - a minor improvement to give the bike a little more breathing room. 

  • Dynojet Power Commander 3USB - I found a great deal on a used one so I had to have it.  Not much of an improvement right now but as I upgrade the intake in the future, it will come in handy. 

  • Screamin' EagleŽ Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner and High-Flow Oil Pump Upgrade Kit - A common issue with the spring loaded cam chain tensioners is that they break apart in the bike around 25-35k, so this was a winter upgrade.  Unfortunately, it lead to further upgrades... 

  • Andrews TW48 Cams - One of my stock cams had premature wear so I elected to go with a set of Andrews TW48 cams.

  • Michelin Commander 2 tires - My rear Dunlop was worn out and I had heard great reviews on the Commander 2's.  And the price is right...

My 2006 Ultra Classic and Hawk's 2011 Ultra Classic

The UC with the Truck Lite LED headlights installed.

The new windshield trim.  Helps break up all that batwing.

Got light???

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