V&H Dual Baggers

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On April 8th, 2006 - I installed the V&H Dual Baggers (or V&H Classic II's) on the RedDog... 

Following the V&H instructions made for an easy 1-person take-off of the OEM system which is now packaged up in the V&H box hopefully never to be needed again.  But for installation, having a partner help is necessary in my opinion.  The left pipe had the classic flange issue that required not only a good grinding of the headpipe but also required the inside of the left muffler intake to be smoothed up too.  Damn headpipe would not go in as far as needed until we smoothed out the burrs inside the muffler.  The right pipe went on easier but we took the dremmel to the headpipe and the inside of the right muffler too - just in case.

So, the installation of the V&H Dual Baggers was not as difficult as I was thinking it might be.  It was not as easy as putting on the V&H Cruizers on my VN750, which was a one-person job but it still could have been a lot harder.  With the exception for the left pipe issues, I found the workmanship and the quality of the V&H DB's to be exceptional and am impressed with the sound they produce.

I would like to express my eternal thanks to Chad Falstad for helping me with the installation.  He is becoming a Vulcan savior in the Windy City VROC group as he has helped out quite a few local members with bike issues and designing unique modifications for VN750's.   I would also like to thank the combined wisdom that is contained on the Vulcan Delphi Forum as many of the potential issues that this installation had were covered by the members of the group and prepared me to overcome them with minimum fuss.  

Right side with the pipes removed

Left side with the pipes removed

The OEM pipes - cast off and discarded.  Actually they are going to be kept in a box just in case the EPA ever makes aftermarket pipes illegal

A close-up of the mighty 1500cc engine without the pipes

We are getting there...  The head-pipes are installed.  Now for the mufflers

Job DONE!!!  Nice...

The right side with the V&H Dual Baggers installed

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