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Black Betty's
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Evolution VN750 History

Welcome to The Bulldog's VN750 page

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The VN7XX Yahoo Group is the best source for all things Vulcan 7xx.  If you have a question or are just looking for Vulcan owners who are interested in their bikes, this is the place to be.  Subscribe and check it out.  If you love your VN700 or VN750, you will love this group!!!


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Now with the addition of the Nomad to the stable, I'm looking at pulling off all the touring stuff and making Black Betty into a Sporty Street Rod...

New pictures to come...

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Black Betty 
1990 Kawasaki Vulcan VN750-A6


Welcome to the world of the Vulcan 750.  This page is my little part of that world.  

About the Kawasaki VN750

This mid-sized cruiser offers the same low-slung riding position of its bigger siblings, and with everything from a torquey V-twin engine to chrome-encrusted bodywork, the stylish 750 is certainly an attention-getter.

Powered by a liquid-cooled, double overhead cam 749cc V-twin engine, the Vulcan 750 is powerful and low-maintenance. Hydraulic valve lash adjusters ease maintenance and liquid cooling increases overall engine durability. Plus, the engine itself is rubber-mounted within the double-cradle, high-tensile steel frame to reduce vibration at the handlebar and foot pegs.

A low-maintenance shaft drive transmits power from the five-speed transmission to the beefy 15-inch rear wheel. Plus, the easy-shifting gearbox features Kawasaki's exclusive Positive Neutral Finder, which allows for easy and accurate shifting from first into neutral when stopped. Air-assisted rear shocks with four clicks of rebound damping adjustment offer a smooth and controlled ride, while dual front discs provide reliable stopping power. Full instrumentation, including both coolant-temperature and fuel-level gauges, and a center-stand are standard fare.

 This was the first model Vulcan produced by Kawasaki back in 1985. In the United States, it was introduced as a 699cc bike to beat the tariff on all Japanese bikes over 750cc. In 1986, Kawasaki started to produce the VN750 in Lincoln, Nebraska to beat the tariff by having a 750cc bike that was made in the USA.  The Vulcan VN750 was on the streets. The VN750's looks have changed little since it was introduced over 20 years ago. The colors have changed with the times and a few improvements have taken place, but to look at the 2006 version and the 1985, the form and style have remained the same.  The great thing about motorcycling is making your bike YOURS. I will never see a VN750 exactly like mine. I've customized this bike with too many hard to get items.

Unfortunately, in 2006 Kawasaki made the decision to discontinue this popular model.  The Vulcan 750 had a production run starting in 1985 (VN700 in the States and a VN750 everywhere else).  The VN750 had a 22 year run with the bike being virtually  unchanged.  Let's see these modern cookie cutter motorcycles do the same...

About Black Betty

When Patty and I started dating in 1994, she knew that I had a motorcycle M endorsement on my license and that I rode.  I had taken a few years off due to an accident and a few bad choices in motorcycles and the people I rode with.  But in late 1995, Patty started to plant suggestions in my head that she would like to ride and that we should start looking for a motorcycle that we ride together. 

I started my quest looking for a good clean Kawasaki KZ750 model as the Kawasaki KZ440 that I a few years before was a great bike and I could not afford a Harley Softail and didn't want to deal with the horrible quality issues that I'd experienced with HD models before.  HD quality has come a long way since then, but I was still raw after going the rounds with a cursed 883 Sportster, so I was looking for something Metric that was both reasonably priced and reliable.  All the KZ750's that I found were a little over priced for the models age (1981-1988) but one cold April day I stopped in a new independent shop in Huntley called Randy's Cycle and was looking at the 1985 Kawasaki KZ750 that was on the floor.  I also looked at the Vulcan 750 model that they had but didn't think that we could afford a Vulcan at the time.  I brought Patty up to the dealership and we sat on both bikes.  She didn't like the feel of the KZ750 because it didn't have a backrest but really liked the extended backrest on the VN750.  We started talking price with Randy about the VN750 and were surprised with the deal.  Randy had it as a consignment from a guy in Elgin who purchased it new from Steiers Kawasaki but just never got to ride it.  It had under 5k on the clock and came with an extended backrest and a wind screen.  Since Randy's was a new shop at the time and he didn't know me from Adam, his insurance would not allow me to take the bike out for a test ride but he took me for a ride on the back.  Even with our combined weight which must have exceed 400 pounds, the bike flew.  My only complaint was Randy's ponytail kept hitting me in the face and getting in my mouth (YUCK).  Patty and I went home and talked it over and purchased the bike that same week.  I'm still impressed with the price and service we received from Randy and his crew and recommend them still to this day.

Over the years, I've added modifications to the bike and have become rather well known for the bike.  It has been a good bike and the memories that I've built with the bike are priceless.  With groups like VROC (I'm member #485), the Vulcan 750 groups (VN750 YahooGroup and VN750.com) and Windy City VROC we have always have had a sense of belonging and good advice when a problem as come up. 

Sadly these days, our VN750 sits covered in the garage as I spend my rare free time on the Nomad but one of these days when time and money are both in better supply, I will be stripping off the touring accessories and turning the VN750 into an around town street cruiser.

Taken while on a group ride for ABATE of Illinois ~ September 2005

                      NOMAD                                            NOT-A-NAD

Got spots???  20 watt halogen lights really help at night.

Sirius radio on my bike.

Got Light???  Brake lights on.  There are 5 brake lights going...

Got more light???  A total of seven brake lights are lit.  One running/brake light on each saddlebag, the main brake light with a LED on either side of it, a brake light on the license plate frame and a 6-led brake light hanging under the luggage rack.

The Signal Dynamic's 4-LED Amber Courtesy Light mounted on the saddlebag under the brake/running light gives me the extra visibility when turning.  If someone hits me from behind, it is either because it was intentional or the seeing eye dog fell asleep...

It might not look it from the picture, but the amber LED's on the saddlebag are BRIGHT!!!

My bike currently has the following accessories added to it:
Kaw Touring Package Front Fender with chrome fender guard, Progressive 412 Heavy Duty Shocks, Progressive front fork springs, Black Bates Hard Bags with running/brake lights, Fire & Steel Saddlebag Supports with turn signal relocation kit, National Cycle N2221 windshield, F&S engine guard, Posa 90 degree Highway bars (discontinued by Posa/Jardine, good luck finding a set), Fire & Steel 1st Gen. Luggage Rack, Rivco Air-horns, Electrex Electrical System (Stator and Rectifier Regulator), Dynatek
Dyna 2000 Digital Performance Ignition (DDK-2-14) (when it works), SCP Ear-shave kit, Re-jetted with a Factory Pro Jet kit (included with the SCP ESK), Vance & Hines Slash-Cut Cruzers exhaust system, Mustang Wide Regal saddle, Pro-Tac Drivers (2nd Gen) Backrest, Kury Akyn ISO grips and Throttle Boss, Amertex Travel Bag, High powered 50/110w H4 headlight bulb, Diamond Star Headlight Modulator (installation instructions), Rainbow Strobe light cover, Back Off-MC brake light modulator, Metzler ME880 tires (front and back), Vulcan Mean Streak mirrors, Custom Kury Akyn lighted license plate frame assembly, LED Red brake light on luggage rack, Highway Hawk chrome radiator cover, HH chrome coolant reservoir cover, HH Cylinder Head Cover, HH blue-dot lenses and HH chrome lens covers, HH Brake Reservoir Chrome Cover and HH wide blade levers.

Looking for a RR Relocation Kit for your VN750?  Click here for more info...

Looking for Floorboards or Highway Peg Mounts for your VN750 - Click Here!!!

Want a Tank Bib for your VN750 (or any other Vulcan)???  Click here!!!

Check out the LED Tail Lights page for both the Nomad and the VN750...

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