The Geezer Glide

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The Geezer Glide

sponsored by the Geezer Glide Riders of America


For the Etymologist-wannabe's out there, we have done our research and have located the following information (being as we all want to use the proper terms!):

  1. "Geezer" (according to Webster's unabridged, 2nd ed) an eccentric old man or woman.
    ---Therefore the term geezer is gender neutral, so ladies, we can *all* become geezers when the time approaches, aren't we thrilled? ;-)
    --This also implies that "geezer-glide" is appropriate for the bagger belonging to a geezer of either gender.
  2. "-ette" means "little", therefore a geezerette would be a *little* eccentric ol old guy or gal.
  3. "-ee" means the recipient of an action, so I guess that would mean that geezerhood could be granted to someone, who would be the geezee until they are called a geezer .
  4. "geezen" would be the process of becoming a geezer.
  5. "gaffer" is defined as "an old man".
  6. "gammer" is defined as "an old woman".

SO, we can have gaffers, gammers, or geezers, riding geezer-glides.

Now, here's a few other terms we have located. If anyone has found some others, please feel free to add them to the list.
bulletJapanese bagger with female pilot: Geisha-Glide
bulletHD bagger in official black and orange: Gila-Glide
bulletGold-plated bagger: Gilded Glide
bulletChromed-out bagger: Glitter-Glide
bulletTricked-out bagger: Gizmo-Glide
bulletBagger for delivering foodstuffs: Grocer-Glide
bulletStupid-looking bagger: Goofy-Glide
bulletReally ugly bagger: Gagger-Glide
bulletBagger for those with terminal wanderlust: Gypsy-Glide
bulletBagger belonging to a guy with slicked-back hair: Greaser-Glide
bulletEnvironmentally-friendly bagger: Greener-Glide
bulletBagger only ridden to church on Sundays: Gospel-Glide
bulletBagger only ridden to dinner rides: Gumbo-Glide
bulletAnd when you're too old for a Geezer-Glide, you get a: Geriatric Glide