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The Bulldog's favorite vendors

Welcome to The Bulldog's vendor link page. The vendors listed below are businesses that I've had dealings with in the past. Some of them I recommend them highly and some of them are just listed as a informative view of what they are about.  When paying them a visit, please mention that you saw their business listed here.

The Bulldog's Rating System:
5 Stars - Better than I deserve
4 Stars - Better than most shops
3 Stars - Worth checking out
2 Stars - Average shop, nothing special
1 Star  - Makes you pray for a fire sale, but nothing else
0 Stars - I wouldn't deal with even if their products were free with Brooke Burke behind the sales counter butt-nekid!!!

*** Due to the legal threats I've received from the really awful businesses that were listed here, I've removed them from the list.  If you don't see a business here, it's because either I don't have any experience with them or I'm following the practice of not saying anything if I can't say something that is positive ***
BBK Motorsports / B&B Kawasaki
(formerly Steiers Kawasaki)
222 Dundee Avenue
Elgin, IL  60120
phone: 847-697-2250 
fax: 847-697-1994
Bulldog's rating: 5 Stars...

Check out BBK's money saving bargain website's:


A genuine Class Act...  My first call for all things Kawasaki!!!

  • After 30 years, Al Steiers decided to retire from the motorcycle business and sell his shop.  Steiers had become legend in the Chicagoland area as the place to go for honesty and quality.  When news broke, the Kawasaki community wondered where we would go to take care of business.
  • Enter Brian and Butch.   They purchased the dealership from Al and decided to take his quality sales and service reputation and move it up a notch.  They have kept Keith in parts, who is one of the best parts managers in the industry.  Brian & Butch on the sales floor and a new look coming to the shop every day.  With a staff this talented, this dealership will become the benchmark of quality in Northern Illinois and I'm proud to be taking my bike there for service.  When the time comes for me to look at a new motorcycle, they will be my first stop and if Kawasaki is my destination, they will be my last stop. 
  • If you are in the market for a new Kawasaki or a used motorcycle, check them out.  If you have a quote from another dealer, bring it in and let them earn your business.  If service is what you need, don't take chances with the clowns that other shops employ.  Go with the best and let the B&B crew take care of your service needs.  
  • A personal comment - I live in Crystal Lake.  I have a Kawasaki dealership less then 5 miles from my house.  I bring my business to BBK in Elgin based on the honesty and quality of service at BBK.  To paraphrase a old and tired cliché: I would rather walk to BBK in Elgin then ride to the horrible Kaw dealership in Crystal Lake...
Randy's Cycle
11013 Route 47
Huntley, IL 60142
phone: 847-669-0256
Bulldog's rating: 5 Stars...
Check out Randy's Victory Open House held on 6/28/03...  Lots of pictures!!!

Independent Shop - if you own a Harley or a Victory, this should be your first call.  Also a great place for maintenance, repair and accessories no matter what bike you ride!!!

  • Now a Victory Dealer!!!  Motorcycle sales, towing and a full service shop. Randy's is a place where one can customize to their hearts content. Custom paint / powder coating, chrome plating, leather and almost any accessory can be purchased and installed through Randy and his staff. American bikes and imports, Randy's sells them all.   Come here first for your Victory Motorcycle!!!
    Ask for your 10% club discount.
  • I purchased my Vulcan 750 from Randy back in 1995 and am still very satisfied with the quality, price and service I received. 
  • I had Randy's crew order and install the Metzer ME880's on my Nomad.  I shopped the area and Randy's Cycle came in with the best price for both the tires and the installation and the work was done right the first time.  I recommend Randy's Cycle for any brand of motorcycle maintenance.  They do the job right the first time...

Black Sheep Custom Cycles
1215 Karl Ct
Wauconda, IL 60084
(847) 526-2453
Bulldog's rating: 5 Stars...
Bobo and the crew at Black Sheep Custom Cycles are top notch.  Specializing in service, repair, parts and accessories.  Everything from custom bikes to simple repair.  Accident estimates and repairs, custom chrome plating, custom paint jobs to factory Harley Davidson paint matching.  A full machine shop on site is almost a guarantee of a one of a kind custom cruiser if your tastes dictate it.  If you can dream it for your Harley, Black Sheep Custom Cycle can do it.  
Black Sheep is a Harley / American bike shop which only performs service on such bikes, but don't let that discourage you if you are looking for accessories for your metric cruiser.  Black Sheep can order any part for you and offers a 10% discount to most motorcycle club and all ABATE members.  
No matter what you ride, Black Sheep can get you the parts you want.
Honda Northwest
4911 Northwest Hwy
Crystal Lake, IL  60014
phone: 815-459-1631
Bulldog's rating: 4 Stars...
I live in Crystal Lake.  The only Honda I own is a 20 year old dependable Honda lawnmower, so why is Honda Northwest listed on what is pretty much a Kawasaki page?  Because they are a good shop worth mentioning and one that I do business with.  I live in Crystal Lake and have a Kawasaki dealership near by (they are horrible), but I buy my non-Kawasaki parts and supplies from this shop due to their staff being comprised of knowledgeable people who are more interested in helping you then in being brand specific goofs.  The parts department is staffed by knowledgeable people and they carry the consumable items I use on a regular basis.  If I have the choice to buy my plugs and cleaning supplies from Honda Northwest or go three miles north and get screwed with, I'll choose the good guys at Honda Northwest every time.

If I was looking for a new Honda, you can bet that this shop would be the first place I would look.  I would also give them a shot in the used market as they get some real quality used bikes and their pricing is fair.  This shop is worth checking out...

Fox Valley Cycles
419 Hill Avenue
Aurora, IL  60505
phone: 630-851-2910
fax: 630-851-8661
Bulldog's rating: 4 Stars...
While coming back from a ride, we needed a stop to cool down and hit the bathroom.  Running through Aurora, we came across Fox Valley Cycles.  This is a Honda dealership, but we figured what the hell.  From the outside, the building didn't look impressive but once we walked in we found a totally different story.  There were bikes everywhere and about 35% of the dealership was devoted to accessories.  And not just the garden variety crap most metric shops have but real accessories that real motorcyclists would want to buy.  The pricing was good too with sale item throughout the store.  The sales staff was pretty cool and knew their bikes and accessories.  This dealership also takes a few new Honda's and custom equips them for sale and they do a good job with it.  They had a custom tour equipped Honda VTX 1300 that is almost exactly what I would do if I ever wanted to go that direction.  Mustang touring seat, custom saddle bags and paint made this bike worth looking at for the rider who wants the custom look without having the know how to do it oneself.  While I don't ride Honda and don't live in the area, if I am looking for an accessory that I must have NOW, a call to Fox Valley Cycles is in order.  A conversation with one of their sales guys revealed that they are building a new dealership and getting out of the hood.  Good thing as this is really a nice dealership...  We left this dealership with a glimmer of hope - as most metric dealerships are going into the toilet, we found one that was heading in the positive direction.  I hope some of their metric peers take note and follow this model of success...
Piper's Enterprises
Piper's Pads - Remanufactured Vulcan Saddles
E-mail Piper
Bulldog's rating: 4 stars

Check out the world of Piper's Enterprises.  No matter what you need for your group event, Piper's Enterprises can provide quality and cost.  Piper's Enterprises is the provider of the VROC Boscobel event shirts and memorabilia.  
  • Piper’s Patches -
    Organization/Club Insignia - embroidered, and silk-screened, patches and apparel; custom-designed ‘lapel’ pins for the recreational motor vehicle market.
    Inspirational Momentos - "In Memoriam" patches for fallen riders; embroidered "ribbon" patches and pins for cancer, and other non-profit, support groups
    Commemorative Emblems - patches and pins depicting scenic by-ways; custom-designed work for rides, rallies and other events.
  • Piper's Pads -
    Remanufactured saddles from your original seat pan.  Your comfort is guaranteed!!!
Bargain Barn Cycle
120 W. Lawton Street
Edgerton, WI  53534
phone: 608-884-4184
Bulldog's rating: 4 Stars...
This place is a freaking nightmare of chrome and toys.  If you plan on going for a quick visit, forget it.  Bring a lunch and plan on spending a few hours just to look and drool.  Between the chrome do-dads and the pictures on the wall, this place is a bikers dream come true.  Bargain Barn is a clearing house for Parts Unlimited.  That means all parts returned for any reason (surplus, scratch & dent) to any PU dealer gets shipped to Bargain Barn and is sold at 50% of retail.  What does this mean to you?  Chrome and leather at half price!!!  If you are looking for something for your bike or just looking to put something together, BBC is the place to start.  About two hours Northwest of Chicago, but worth the drive.  A nice ride up on the scoot, but I would recommend the car.  Hard to bungee that much shit you buy to your bike.
627 Clark Street

Utica, IL 61373
phone: 815-667-3040
Bulldog's rating: 3 Stars...
Motorcycle Leather, Grateful Dead & rock t-shirts / memorabilia. A great place to stop in if you are riding around Starved Rock State Park, also a short ride from the JC Whitney warehouse outlet store.
Cycle Empire
4001 W. Loomis Road
Milwaukee, WI 53221
phone: 414-325-8747
fax: 414-325-8753
Bulldog's rating: 3 Stars...
A great shop to visit and great people to buy from. Gene will treat you right no matter what type of bike you are buying for. Parts, accessories and service. CE also has a salvage yard for those looking for used parts and can assist in custom building and are motorcycle customizers. CE is open Sundays and offers a 10% VROC discount too.

Accessory Links - Check them out!!!

Check out the links below for Accessories for your scoots.  The companies listed below with the have proven themselves to be worthy of the praise of the motorcycle community!!!  Check them out!!!


Tire plugging products.  Don't get stuck on the side of the road anymore with a flat tire.  I picked up a bolt in my tire one Sunday evening and the Stop-N-Go Pocket Tire Plugger kit for Tubeless Tires saved my butt and saved me from having to pay for a tow home.  The kits are a fraction of the cost of getting your bike towed and are easy to use.  From start to repair to time on the road was under 15 minutes.  These kits are available through Stop-n-Go's website.  The money spent for one of these kits is an investment that you hope never to use, but used once and it pays for itself many times over...

Classic Chaps

Tank Bibs and Chaps for your Vulcan (and any other bike).  These are great products and the pricing is very reasonable.  He even carries a Tank Bib for the Vulcan 750...

Pro-Tac Backrests 

The single greatest accessory I ever purchased.  Pro-Tac backrests are the best and very affordable.  Makes a 500 mile ride seem like a ride down to the corner store.  Get one, your back will thank you...  There was a quality issue with a bracket on a backrest for the VN750 and the president of Pro-Tac personally called every customer that they sold this part to and offered to fix the problem.  This is a company that stands behind it's product and supports it's customers...  A+++++ Company!!!

Mustang Motorcycle Products

Mustang seats. The greatest single accessory you can get. Check out the full accessory line at their web site...  I have Mustang saddles on my Nomad and on my Vulcan 750. 
Recommended by The Bulldog's Ass...

Rivco Products

Rivco Air Horns!!!  When you absolutely need to let the car coming into your lane you are there...  130dB of blaring "DROP THE CELL PHONE AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LANE!!!"
These things are awesome...  Biker products made by bikers...

Corbin Saddles

Corbin seats...  Very popular seats.  While I cannot use one on my VN750 because of my extended backrest, I still admire their quality and style...

Dennis Kirk, Inc.

Catalog dealer. Order the free catalog...

National Cycle

Windshields and accessories

JC Whitney

Parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles. Visit the catalog outlet store in Peru, IL.

Signal Dynamics Corporation

BackOffMC and Diamond Star Headlight Modulators. Great products at great prices....


Great Chrome for Motorcycles...  Great grips and high quality... 

  Cycle Gadgets . com

The home for motorcycle toys, trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos!  We specialize in useful accessories of a practical nature for touring motorcycles.  Pretty cool stuff...  While at the 2008 Motorcycle Show in Rosemont, the Cycle Gadgets crew really went above and beyond to help me find a solution to my GPS Mount problems.  I really recommend Cycle Gadgets...


If you want it on your bike - they claim that they have a mount for it...  Worth checking out!!!

Cruiser Customizing

A very popular site for finding everything made for your bike.

Wisconsin Cycle Salvage

Salvage yard in Northern Wisconsin. Specializing in Japanese street bikes.

Accessories International

Parts and accessories for most motorcycles. While I've never ordered from Al Mitchell at Accessories International, other VROCers have and have had nothing bad to say about the orders.
*** Note: This shop is not Accessorized International run by Larry the scumbag. Stay away from Accessorized International - he is not to be trusted ***

Motorcycle Accessory Depot

Parts and accessories for most motorcycles

New Enough Motorcycle Leathers

Used and New motorcycle leather jackets and accessories.

Jardine Products

Exhaust systems, billet wheels, cruiser bars and luggage racks are a few of the products this company makes.

RC Components

Makers of billet wheels for the Vulcan 1500 Classic and other cruisers. I have heard good things about the wheels they make. Check out the web page and see for yourself...  Sherm's Cycle Products is a vendor for RC Components.  Check with SCP for any group purchases that may be in the works.

T.F.P. Leathers

Manufacture and retail quality leather goods and novelties for all makes of motorcycles


Motorcycle Accessories & Apparel.


Custom lighting for motorcycles

Sport Touring Accessories

Various M/C touring gear including a wide variety of lighting and lighting systems.

Eagle Leather Company

Leather goods and glasses

Bikers Leather Stuff

Leather goods and stuff - check out the prices and let me know about the quality.

Wing Things Company

A vendor out of Texas.  Specializes in Goldwings, but has a page on Kawasaki's.  Prices are more than reasonable and additional discounts for accumulative purchases, after $100.00 5% anything above $750.00 accumulative 7.5%.   Recommended by Duck

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