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I've had my VN750 for since 1996.  It has been a great bike...  But as time moves on, so do our tastes and our riding styles.  I first saw the Nomad in 1998 at the Chicago Motorcycle Show.  It was a Green on Green 1999 Kaw Nomad and it was gorgeous.  From that moment, I've always dreamed of having a Nomad in our garage...

In early September 2005 a gentleman from the Chicagoland area emailed me stating that due to personal reasons he had to sell his 2002 Nomad with 5 miles on the OD.  This got my attention.  Turns out that he purchased the bike new in 2002 and injured his back a few days later and was unable to ride.  As time went on he maintained the bike, had a friend ride it around the block from time to time and kept adding Chrome for the day he would be able to go touring.

Sadly the bikes owner came to the realization that his back problems would prevent him from riding a bike of this size and other personal reasons forced a quick sale.  Word went around the Vulcan community about this brand new Nomad with no miles going for a great price.  Being near the end of the riding season for the Chicagoland area, this prevented a quick sale and after some serious soul searching and some heart to heart talking with my loving and understanding wife, we decided to take the plunge and upgrade to the Nomad of our Dreams.  We purchased the Nomad on 9/24/05.

The original owner called this bike the Red Baron and he accessorized it for the road.  He chromed it with his dreams of what a bike should look like and added quality accessories for long-haul riding.  I'm fortunate that our tastes run along similar lines as I plan on keeping his upgrades and then adding my own touch to the bike as time and money allows.  After thinking on it for a while, I christened this new bike The Red Dog!!!  

Besides, RED DOG fits the bike better. The former owner was a man of German lineage (very strong German name) and the Red Baron title worked great for "his" bike, but I'm more of a Heinz 57 mutt type and the Dog theme comes very naturally.

I've always told my friends that I was not looking to upgrade to a bigger bike but if an "offer that I could not refuse" came up, I would have to go along with it.  That offer was this Nomad...  With two winters under the belt and a ton of modifications that I've done to this bike, the RedDog is now My Nomad...

On June 14th, 2012 I traded in the Nomad for a 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic FLTHCUI bagger.  I will miss the Nomad and hope that she finds a home with someone who will give her the same love that I did.  *** The Nomad was sold to it's new owner the day it was repaired.  Hopefully she will continue to provide the enjoyment that it provided me ***

Accessories on the RedDog: (click here to see the Nomad Mod's Page)
Projects I'm either thinking of or working on right now:
  • Caddman air intake modification with V&H EFI Power Commander Dynojet Module

Sirius Satellite Radio with a Hoppe Radio King stereo

Ultra comfort on a Mustang saddle with drivers backrest

Extra brake lights with a Harley Davidson Touring rear light bar and a Signal Dynamics dual LED strip

Four brake lights are definitely better then one!!!

Kick those feet up on the Kury Akyn pegs and let those miles just drift by

Taz standing guard on the trusty Nad...

The Nomad loaded up for the trip home from Kentucky.

On the ferry crossing the Ohio River back to Illinois.

Pictures of how the Nomad looked when we purchased it.  

12 miles on the clock - 7 of them mine that I put on during the test ride.

The RedDog came with a tachometer.  This was removed to make room for the Hoppe Radio King Stereo

Drivers and passengers backrests...  Bag guards too.  NICE!!!

Fog lamps and fender tips are included...

F&S luggage rack too.

Even has saddlebag lower guards.

I look forward to putting many miles and years on this bike.



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