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After hearing from Grambo from Tennessee about  a red LED light he got from a truck stop, I made the point of looking for these lights while down driving through TN.  At a Pilot Travel Center I found what would fit the bill.  For a cost of about $14 and some time working on a mounting bracket, I now have my fifth brake light installed on my Vulcan 750.  The F&S 1st Gen. luggage rack had a relocation tab for the reflector that worked great as a mount for my light.  
I am looking for suggestions on what to do with the positive wire that is running to the trunk.  For a negative, I used the luggage rack itself as it is well grounded.
The LED is hooked up to the brake light and is not on during normal running.

LED light in place with running lights on.

Brakes on and light everywhere!!!

I decided to keep the reflector in it's original place for looks.

Top View...  Hate that wire...

I had to modify the mounting tab and create a back plate to hold the whole assembly in place.

Close up

A close-up of the back plate with the wire leading to the harness under the seat.

Got Light???

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