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In the fall and winter of 2003, I tore the VN750 down and gave the old girl a facelift. 

What I did:

  • Had spare set of sheet metal painted Gloss Black.

  • Acquired Kawasaki F&S TourPak front fender and fender guard.  Installed.

  • Removed old rear fender and installed new Black fender.  New fender was one that I purchased off an eBay auction.  I never checked the threads on the mounting and found that one of the mounting holes had damaged threads.  I was able to fix this problem by chasing the threads with a M8-1.25 tap.

  • Installed F&S saddlebag supports and turn signal relocation kit (Thanks Jax...)

  • Installed Progressive 12.5" Heavy Duty Shocks.  These were sold for a Harley Davidson Soft Tail.  I added travel limiter spacers and acquired a bag kit for metric motorcycles to make these fit the Vulcan 750.

  • Acquired a set of Bates hardbags with brake/running lights.  (Thanks Karey)  I had to make wiring harnesses for the lights.  

  • Replaced OEM turn signals with Diamond shape amber close fitting turn signals.

  • Created wiring harnesses for new lights on bags, turn signals and additional brake light LED's.

  • Replaced old gas tank with newly painted tank.


The Tour Fender with the fender guard installed.

I really like this look.  I'm glad I spent the money for the guard...

The rear fender is removed along with all the lights.  I had forgotten all the stuff I had done to the bike over the years electrically and had to really dig into the memory vault to figure it out...  
I'm also in the process of installing the Progressive HD shocks...

The rear fender is installed and the turn signal relocation kit is installed.  I removed the OEM turn signals because they would get in the way of the hard saddlebags.  I used a set of diamond shaped close fitting lights that I picked up at a swap meet for $20 for the pair.  I had to fabracite a mounting system due to the OEM nature of the turn signal relocation kit, so I used stainless fender washers, a rubber washer to prevent scratching the chrome and a plastic washer cut to fit for the center.  These baby's are solid...

Side view of the signals...

These are pictures that were sent to me by Karey Todd from St. Louis.  He pointed me in the direction of the person selling the bags.

I added trunk lid supports to the bags to prevent hinge damage to the bags.

These bags were mounted on a Vulcan 1500A before, so adapting the existing brackets to the Kaw F&S VN750 bag supports was not too hard.  I will be working on the mounting brackets later this summer to line them up better.

The bags came in just in time and mounted up with little fabrication needed.  I will be replacing the fasteners that came with the bags with stainless later in the project.

Close up of the turn signal relocation bracket with a red led mounted on it.  This was installed by Jax when he owned this kit and I am going to keep them, but I'm hooking the LED's up to the brakes...

Creating the wiring harness for the light assemblies on the hard bags.  The old owner left me with little to work with...  I solder almost everything that I work on.  I find crimp connections fail in time...

Left side bag.  The lights are back on the bag and the wires are hanging of of the bag awaiting routing

Right side bag.  The lights are back on the bag and the wires are hanging of of the bag awaiting routing

Overhead view of the left bag with the turns signal.  The placement of the replacement signal is most satisfactory...  The OEM would have hit the bag and prevented opening or closing the bag...

Overhead view of the right side bag.  I still have to route the bag wiring, turn signal wiring and the LED brake wiring...

The project is done.  Go to my VN750 page for completed pictures...

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